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24 June 2005

The choice of the terrorist generation....

The recent fuss that was made about Saddam's love of Doritos reminded me of something that occured while I was in Afghanistan. The first case I got to work upon my arrival at Bagram involved 5 cheerfull fellows who were captured by the Afghan forces (AMF) while reconning the Salerno firebase. (I say five, I only ever saw four of them, O.G.A. took one, called "TheArab", and kept him). At any rate I was interrogating these guys and comparing their stories. Three of them actually went up to the firebase to conduct the recon. The Arab, MS and A. They were hiding out there and the other two sent A into town to get refreshments. When asked what he got he informed me he was told to get melons, bread and Pepsi. (No great surprise here but Pepsi in Pashtu is pronounced Peepsi.) I was rather surprised at that and double checked with my terp and sure enough it was Pepsi. So I asked "Why Pepsi?" A told me the others really liked it and told him to get it, and he liked it too. I later asked MS about this and he confirmed A's instructions to get Pepsi and expressed a great fondness for the drink. As MS was being VERY cooperative I promptly began bringing Pepsis with me to work and plying him with them after good sessions. I couldn't help but think of those "choice of the new generation" ads that Pepsi had been running. Pepsi, the choice of the terrorist generation.......

Note: they never got the Pepsis out in the field. the AMF found the two back watching the firebase, A was captured running through town trying to escape when he heard the shooting start up outside of town.


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