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11 June 2006

Why no Zarqawi post.......

I got an email from a friend asking why I hadn't done a post on the death of Zarqawi. Well, I have been out of town. Had a big fencing tournament that I went to (and got by butt handed to me). (but one of the guys I coach kicked ass winning two events and taking second in his third so I was pleased overall)
Zarqawi's death is interesting, not so much in that we killed him, but in the Intel we are gathering from the site he was killed in. He has pretty much already been replaced. Hopefully the info we gathered and the chaos that has been spread through the organization by his death, the subsequent captures of 20 plus operatives, and the paranoia of how we found him will greatly increase our chances of killing his replacements and shutting down the foreign fighter's organization in Iraq. Of course we will still have to deal with the indigenous fighters but that is another story.

I did hear one radio talkshow person expressing great confusion about why we would leak the information that Zarqawi had been located due to inside information. He thought this would cause the informer to get killed. In this case this info was spread because it will cause all of Zarqawi's associates to stare at one another and try to figure out who is the traitor. It will greatly hamper their ability to work together. And it is quite likely that there never was an informer. But they will never know. Odds are, if there was an informer he was one of the men captured in the period after the killing and will quietly be moved out of the country to a safe house where he will be interrogated, opps, sorry, debriefed is the correct technical term here, for the next year or more. And then watched like a hawk for the rest of his life to make sure he doesn't go back to his old friends.

More later, I have to finish cleaning out my email and then go feed the ravening horde.


Blogger flythemig29 said...

I didn't post either other than to rejoice that he was dead. Let the pundits pontificate on this. It's enough for us to know that we did our part in the effort. I am scarred but proud of my time here. One day we will all meet at the big VFW hall in the sky and comment about the lack of virgins in heaven.

9:40 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Welcome tot he blog flythemig29 (do you fly mig 29s????) Hope you come back again.

11:14 AM  

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