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11 August 2005

mostly filler

Today is mostly filler. I had to drive off to the airport in Jax and pick up my parents who have been away on a working vacation for the last 2 months.
I really need to make a list of things to blog about because I keep coming up with good ideas and then not doing them. Make a list and stick to it with periodic intrusions fro bread or other interesting outside events. In future entries I intend to take the John Horne story and do a comparison of his story with one of the more critical press accounts and give my take on some of the differences. I also intend on doing a semi fictional narrative of a cordon and sweep operation in the mountains of Afghanistan. I also am going to do some edited for legality accounts of some of the more interesting interrogations I did. (I say edited for legality becasue details of the interrogations are classified.) I am not going to get into the book and movie reviews as a general rule becasue so many other people are doing it so well already. Exceptions will be made as the mood strikes me though.

I have finally noticed the underlying (or an underlying) cause for many of my more egregious spelling errors. My left hand types faster than my right. I am guessing this is primarily due to the abuse I have heaped on my right hand in the many years of fencing I have done. But I often end up with teh instead of the, or peopel for people, taht/that. I am sure you have noticed it. I try and fix it but miss a few. (the spell check doesn't work with the configuration of my Firefox so I live with it). Add that to a congenital spelling defect in my brain (I am orthographicly challenged)and things get messy. Spell check on my old Commodore 64 got me through college.

As a final note, I would like to encourage everyone to read Michael Yon's blog.
Michael Yon: Online Magazine
His latest entry is about an encounter with IEDs in Iraq and the chaos that ensues. It contains a graphic description of what happens in a vehicle that is hit. He also discusses the progress of the forces there, and situation. His comments on how the Iraqis view Abu Graib prison should be eye-opening to everyone who is convinced it is a horrible torture center.

Enough for now.


Blogger Adrian said...


That stuff is hectic.

I hate the insurgents and the lack of support the troops get in Iraq from their own people back home.


4:41 PM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

You used to fence? That's so cool.
You know Bruce Dickinson, singer of Iron Maiden, once ranked #7 best fencer in England.

Fencing is something I've always wanted to do but never got around to. I took two years of Kali/Escrima, but never fencing. I'd love to have that skill too.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Miranda said...

"Spell check on my old Commodore 64 got me through college."

My Dad typed his dissertation on a typewriter, then gave it to a "professional" to retype without
errors. The typist introduced more errors and so my family got a Commodore 64 when I was two years old. I'd still use it if it hadn't fried. I miss it!

2:29 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

I actually still have my C-64. Used to have three of them but they seem to have vanished over the years.

Actually I still fence. although trying to get back into it after a 2 year layoff is not being fun.

5:48 AM  
Blogger Miranda said...

We had about four. They all fried.
Although on rare occasions one will work for awhile. :)

8:01 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Umm what is a Commador 64? I am asuming it is a precursor to the computer or a form of computer.... secondly I would like to recommend writing about useless information. There is enough of it the world for an eternal blog... but if you insist on writing about things that actually matter I give you a thumbs up.

6:22 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

Teh Commodore 64b computer was a precurser of the modern PC. It had an amazing 64K of memory. Unfortunetly, the guys running Commodore were much more interested in tax breaks than in a successful business so the company is no more.
As to whether any of this stuff maters or not, well that is in the eye ovf teh reader I suppose. And me, it matters to me.

6:19 PM  

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