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02 March 2010

An Arrogant Ass?

I think I joined most Americans this week in a moment of shock at the idea that Sen. Dunning from Kentucky had decided to take it upon himself to shut down a bill and would accomplish something that pretty much everyone thought needed to be done. The word “arrogance” sprang to mind pretty fast. I felt about that pretty much the way I felt about Sen. Shelby doing the same thing to judicial appointments after all the crying the Republicans had done a couple of years ago about just giving people and up/down vote. It pissed me off.

But you know, Sen. Dunning at least has a real point. If the Senate cannot find a way to pay for this bill that both Republicans and democrats want to pass, even if that way is just to say, “Hey, it is coming out of the unspent stimulus money.” Then there is no chance in Hell they are going to come up with a way to pay for any of the many things that will need paying for that they disagree on. WE cannot just keep spending money and saying “Yeah, we’ll apportion some money for that later.” It doesn’t work. Look at Greece now. They put off making those hard decisions for a long time. Just keep on spending and make folks happy. Well, they can’t put it off any more and the decisions are being made for them.

I do not want us to end up in that situation some day. I would much prefer we suffer a little now and not keep digging the hole, than find ourselves at the bottom of the hole with no way out.

Dunning may be an arrogant ass, but he may be right too.


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