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12 September 2009


Ok, color me boggled. I think I have seen one of the stupidest people on earth. I had the opportunity to see some of the video associated with the current ACORN scandal. Wow. I mean really, if I hadn’t seen it myself I would have been willing to say there was misinterpretation or misunderstanding happening. But nope. This moron who is the ACORN rep sits there and tell these people how to set up their taxes so as to hide the fact that they are doing brothel. Hell, the people keep using the term prostitute until the ACORN lady tells them they need to file as performing artists (or maybe performance artists) and stop saying prostitute. Ok, that much I could almost let slide. Economic reality, supply and demand, there will be prostitutes as long as there is a demand for their services. At least they wanted to be paying taxes. (which seemed to boggle the ACORN lady’s mind, she kept asking them why. Answer: needing some legitimacy to get a house)

But then the kicker comes in. The “prostitute” tells the lady she is arranging to bring in 13 “very young” El Salvadorian girls who will be staying at the house learning the ropes of the business for at least a year before they move on and set up their own places. She wants to know how to list the girls on the tax forms. The ACORN lady says something about not listing them as employees because she “won’t be giving them W-2s at the end of the year”. So ACORN lady says she can list them as dependents. The guy here says that they will be “turning tricks” and earning money and want to know how they should handle that with taxes. ACORN lady asks if they are under 16, the “prostitute” says yes,
ACORN lady says if they are under 16 and earning money you don’t want to deal with it so just don’t mention it.

That is all I saw, they went to a break and then the talking heads began talking about how this could be linked to the President. (It can’t. Stop being stupid.) So I left. But that was enough. My mind was thoroughly boggled. If this had been some sort of right wing religious based organization the knives would be out for them all over the country (from the left and the right). Congressional hearing would be being held and heads would be rolling. I have to wonder if this is the end of ACORN. I doubt it because the Left covers it’s own a lot more thoroughly than the right does. The right will cut it’s own off with some degree of alacrity (the rapid demise of any right wing religious leader caught in sex scandals or say Sanford affair vs the left’s reaction to Edwards affair coming out or William Jefferson’s “cold cash”)

I think I need to go read some lefty blogs and see what people are saying. If they are saying anything at all. My personal bet, they are making more of that wingnut’s shout out of “You lie” to the President than they are of this.

We shall see.

As an aside, go over to Threescore's blog and read his posts on health care reform. Then forward them to your legislators.


Blogger opit said...

"The Left covers its own a lot more thoroughly..."
What are you smoking? The nefarious 'Left' - whomsoever they might be - argue,debate,quibble and bitch. Cover ?

6:29 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Yes, cover. They argue, quibble and bitch but cover they do.

9:16 AM  

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