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10 January 2011

what a mess

A nutjob shoots a congresswoman and it is Sarah Palin's fault. That seems to be what Tom Ashbrook of On point Radio thinks at least. Tom seems to have entirely missed the vitriolic rantings of the left against Republicans over the past 8 years. There used to be a blog I was a regular reader an commenter on called BlueGirl RedState. I eventually quit even reading it becasue the level of discourse had gotten so vitriolic and hate filled that I couldn't stand it. Ashbrook obsessed over Palins used of the word "Targeted" and the fact she had crosshairs on the congressional districts she was targeting. As if she were the only politician or organization to used shooting analogies in the world.

All of that aside of course the shooter, Jared Loughner, seems to have been almost an anarchist judging from his writings and the comments of people who went to school with him.

I'll be honest, my first thought when I heard about the shooting was "Please God don't let it have been a Hispanic shooter. The US really doesn't need the shit storm that the hard case anti illegal immigration folks would have raised over that.

The government will of course over react to this. There will be huge crack downs on any available target so that congress can show people that they are "getting tough" on someone. Gun control legislation will pop right back up into the forefront. Oh well, it is the price we pay.


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