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01 July 2005

A source of Human happiness??

The other day I was out reading the web site of one of my favorite authors, Steven Brust, and found this in his Log.

"I believe that I have now made a lasting contribution to
human culture and happiness.

It came about this way:

Years ago, my friend David Dyer-Bennet introduced me to the
idea of going to Baskin-Robbins in the summer and getting a
quart of Daiquiri Ice and a quart of Deep Chocolate Fudge ice
cream. Then you go home and alternate bites of each until
you reach that state previously known only to heroin users,
certain Tibetin monks, and hard-core masochists after a good

Well, I have recently discovered that one can improve upon
perfection: instead of the Deep Chocolate Fudge (which they
don't reliably have), use Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate ice
cream. It's amazing.

And now I have the satisfaction of having made my
contribution to humanity.

Excuse me, I'm going to go eat some ice cream now.

I have independently discovered a simialr effect except I don't use Baskin Robbin's. I have though used the Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate. (Chocolate is another of my many weaknesses.)
For those who haven't read any of Mr. Brust's books I strongly recomend him. He generally writes fantasyesqe novels. He has a long ongoing saga about a human assasin living in the land of "elves". Not elves such as people normally think of them though. Many of his other books fall in the same universe. Certainly not all of them though, no nature loving songsters singing to the trees here. He wrote an excellent vampire novel called Agyar, a police/fantasy novel called The Gypsy, for which he also wrote a series of songs which were made into an album by a band called Boiled in Lead which I have not yet bought but am planning on when I get some money. (As a random aside, I have read the song list and It appears the song Stepdown which is quoted at the start of several chapters in the book is not on the album. This disapoints me as it has very interesting lyrics.) He has also written a truely excellent novel concerning the war between God and Satan in the pre-existence. I will spare you all a litany of his books because pretty much all of them would be described with much the same phraseology. "An excellent book about...."
The only books of his which I can't called excellent areCowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill, which isn't bad but not up the the standard of the others, and Freedom and Neccesity which I probably need to read again because it impressed me as one of those which would be better the second time through. It is totally unlike the others he has done and so threw me a bit.
One added benefit of Mr. Brust's works is that he liberally throws in aspects of Hungarian folklore which is a nice change from the hoards of Celtic wannabes flooding
the fantasy writing world. Is it true Hungarian folklore or does he make it up? (in one of his author descriptions he is described as inventing traditional Hungarian dishes)I don't know and Frankly I don't care. It is fun and interesting.

I was going to make this longer but friend I haven't seen since before I went to Afghanistan showed up here about 21:30. We have been talking ever since and it is now 04:58. I need to get some sleep. so, more on Mr. Brust and his books later. Or just go to his web site or google him.


Blogger Stephalupogus said...

So who showed up to visit?

10:56 AM  
Blogger Mental Meanderings said...

While I love the Godiva Belgian Chocolate, their White Chocolate Rasberry is also first rate and should be sampled.

7:39 AM  

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