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17 July 2006

Turn about, turn about

Now here is an interesting bit of news. Sunni leaders that a year ago were demanding the US pull it's forces out of Iraq are now asking that more US forces be sent to the country. this may sound like a good thing and prehaps in the long run it will be but it is really a sign of the chaos caused by the Shiite militas that are running amok and killing Sunni Arabs. Tariq al-Hashemi, a hard line Sunni who is also one of Irtaqs vice presidents a year ago demanded the US leave at once. Now he says “I don’t want the Americans to say bye-bye. Tomorrow, if they were to leave the country, there would be a security vacuum, and that would lead inevitably to civil war."

In Adhamiya, a neighborhood in Baghdad where Sunni insurgents once battled the American forces in the streets the following announcement was made over the loud speakers of the Mosque when an American convoy rolled into the area, “The American Army is coming with the Iraqi Army — do not shoot! They are here to help you.” Who would have thought it?

The US is stepping up it's efforts against the Shiite militias, which is vital as no country can be secure when there are private political armies in the streets, and making inroads with the Sunni inurgents. These are good things.

Now if we here can just resist the leftwing push to wash our hands of the issue maybe something can be accomplished. We certainly won't do anything usefull by pulling out and even those who oppose us in Iraq realize that now.


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Well said. And I am glad to hear it!

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Adrian, long time no see buddy.

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