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26 August 2006

One would think I didn’t have anything to say since I haven’t been posting. Not even comments on other people’s blogs. But no, it is more that, my DSL modem got killed in a recent storm and I just managed to get it set back up yesterday.
At any rate, I have decided that I really need to stop living my life as a metaphor for the Middle East. Last week I had decided to tame the rough edges of my yard. As I was running the mower over the yard suddenly I was engulfed in a swarm of yellow jackets that had set up housekeeping in a hole in my yard. If you have never had the opportunity to sit on a riding lawn mower in the midst of a stinging swarm, consider yourself lucky. It is not an experience I recommend. The yellow jackets hurt me (enough stings and you begin getting strange tingling sensations and aches in your arms), but in the end I upped the force level and killed them all. (a quarter of a gallon of gasoline delivered to their hole finished things handily.)

On a totally different topic, I recently watched one of my favorite movies, Cemetery Man starring Rupert Everett. If you have never seen this then I recommend that you do. Although I must qualify that recommendation with the caveat that this movie is … different. How different you ask? Well, it is a zombie movie. An Italian zombie movie. A zombie movie that features a loving caring relationship between the severed head of the Mayor’s teenage daughter and Gnaghi. What is a Gnaghi you ask? Good bloody question. He is the assistant of the cemetery caretaker and is in theory a human. The caretaker himself, Fransico Delamorte, falls in love with, then kills the same girl three times while also dispatching the walking dead (including a busload of boyscouts). So it is a zombie movie with necrophilia and mass murder. And, to top it off it is an ART FLICK! Yes, you read that correctly, it is an Italian Zombie Art Flick. Watch it if you dare.

While the DSL was out I cooked again. Sorry, no pictures of it at the moment but I will do a repeat as it was A. VERY GOOD, and B. Very Easy. Finnish Baked Apple Pancakes. Eggs, a little flour, a little milk, a lot of cinnamon and sugar, and some apples. Exceptionaly good.

Now on to topic number four for the day, the UN in Lebanon. I am vastly amused that France which was going to lead the peacekeeping mission weaseled and said it would only send 200 troops. Then, when Italy ups and says it will be happy to lead the mission and send 3000 troops, France suddenly says “NO wait, we’ll send 2000 and we want to lead it.” I have heard a lot of commentators and reporters asking what changed and heard a lot of answers about France receiving guarantees from the Israelis and the Lebanese, or a clearer definition of the mission (France wrote the UN measure that called for Peace Keepers, don’t you think they would know what the mission was????) NO, the reason France stood up to do the job suddenly is because their Gallic Pride couldn’t stand the idea of Italy taking over and doing it instead of them. Personally, I hope the UN goes ahead and makes Italy the leader of the mission. Frankly, in this case I do not trust the French to actually make any effort to disarm Hezbollah. I actually rather doubt that anyone is going to make any effort so this “Cease Fire” is just that, a brief Cease fire before the fighting kicks off again in a much larger and serious battle. As Israel tries to pour a gallon or so of gas on their yellow jackets.


Blogger gunngirl said...

I willl have to Netflix Cemetery Man.

I'm glad you're okay from the Yellow Jackets. glad you got rid of them. I don't think I have ever been stung by anything. I can't imagine the feeling.

The baked pie sounds gooooood! yum.

2:06 PM  
Blogger Stephalupogus said...

Did you netflix cemetery man or just break down & buy it?

And does "OOOOOOWEWWWWW!" sound about right where the yellow jackets are concerned?

2:48 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Netflix. I will buy it someday but that will be after I get money. I wish I had written down the names of the movies in the preview section of CM becasue some of them looked .... Well "Good" probably isn't the word I need but interesting would do.

2:57 PM  

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