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31 October 2006

Bush he came a visiting.......

Well, the Pres rolled through yesterday. It was in many ways a great pain in the butt as they kept closing roads as he moved around town. He spoke in the morning in front a a fervent crowd of supporters in the university gym and then later to a much smaller group at a Bed and Breakfast in town. (These folks obviously haven't heard that the American People no longer support him) They got abut 5000 people into the gym and turned probably another thousand or so away at the door. The fire marshal shut the doors before everyone with tickets got in. Several groups from area schools got turned away and the students were most unhappy.
They had designated a "Free Speech Zone" (isn't the whole of the US supposed to be a Free Speech Zone???) near the center of campus and protestors began gathering there early in the morning. Another smaller group of protestors and supporters of the Democratic incumbent in the congressional race ignored the FSZ and just set up on the sidewalk across the street from the gym where Bush was speaking. The main body of protestors marched without incident from their FSZ to they Gym where they chanted and yelled. At any rate no protestor here could complain that they were kept away from the Presidents line of travel.

Most of the protestors were pretty bland and brainless. How many times can you repeat "Bush Lied" (and unless they can prove he KNEW there were no WMDs than they can't honestly say he lied, just that he was wrong.) Other really stupid signs said things like "How many lives per gallon?" One somewhat humorous (to me at least, less so the Secret service I suspect) said "A Burning Bush isn't a Bad Idea" with a picture of the President on fire.

Here are a couple of pictures (yes, I resurrected my digital camera)

These are the larger section of protestors yelling mostly at the people waiting to get into the gym.

the motorcade. You can see protestors in the bottom right corner and I am standing in the midst of a smaller group taking the picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, you can't say football isn't important. The President never stopped by before GSU got big and famous.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Stephalupogus said...

The local news coverage is what has me amused. The same news station (WTOC) that normally devotes over 20 minutes to covering events at GSU, spent less than 10 on the president's visit in their news cast from 5 to 6:3o pm. They are spending approx. 5 minutes per show on local board of ed. elections now, but Bush? They covered the speech - barely - and the protestors got the rest of the attention.

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? You didn't kick any lemmings in the road for the Prez to run over? That probably would have made things very interesting...


11:33 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

I do not think the Secret Service would have been amused.

then again, there were lots of students standing by the road wearing their backpacks, if one of them had wanted to be a suicide bomber all the had to do was dash into the road at the right time and I would have had a real story to blog about.......

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He came to my fair state yesterday, to campaign for Jim Talent(less) hack. His coattails are so short that he restricted his stumping to the Ozarks, the only area of the state where Talent has a lead.

7:01 AM  

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