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12 October 2006


I have come across a new conspiracy theory. Or at least it was new to me. It seems the Bush government wants to eliminate US sovereignty and form the North American Union with Canada and Mexico. (Don’t ask me how anyone plans on convincing the Canadians or the Mexicans to join into this idea.) The means they are going to use to accomplish this is a huge international superhighway that will run from southern Mexico, up to link into the US Interstate Highway system then up into Canada and over to the west coast. It seems pretty far fetched to me. I can actually see the highway system (which is a real plan) as a good benefit to trade. There are some problems with the idea though, for example getting Mexican semis to meet US safety and emission standards if they are going to cross the border hauling goods. I don’t see a lot of hope for this highway considering the current rabid phobia of all border crossers from the south though.
As conspiracies go this one is a bit of a stretch in my opinion but hey, at least it is new. We have to admire folks who come up with new ideas instead of rehashing all the old black helicopter/UFO/JFK/Tri-lateral commission ones.

The Evil Plan


Anonymous Anonymous said...

old black helicopter/UFO/JFK/Tri-lateral commission

Huh? Who do you think came up with this idea to distract you from discovering their real plan? It's disinformation. Make you laugh at one bogus conspiracy, and you'll laugh when you hear the real one, instead of acting.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sort of afraid to ask this, but in the map shown at the linked site -- why mark Memphis? The highway doesn't go there. It's just a dot.

I mean, sure, there's the Elvis connection. But then they'd have to put Roswell NM on the map, too.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

What??? You mean all the UFO stuff is just made up stories?

But Ive seen one....Now what do I do believe you or my lying eyes?

4:50 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Just becasue UFO's are part of the gerat conspriacy doesn't mean they aren't out there too.

As for Memphis, well, it isn't my conspriacy, I just found it. You'd have to ask them.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Mental Meanderings said...

You forgot the Illuminati, the Free Masons, the Council on Foreign Relations and ZOG. All of which are obviously up to their nonexistant or irrelevant (depending on actual status) necks. Just you wait.

9:34 PM  
Blogger opit said...

The highway grid is there already. How else do we crazy Canucks get manufactured goods outsourced to Mexico up to the Great White North ? ( First snow today. It won't stay but reminds one it's a four letter word )

11:09 AM  
Blogger Adrian said...

Watch South Park!!

They can explain it ALL:


The truth will set you free!! : )

2:41 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

YOu know OPIT, that is one of the reason I am so unimpressed by this evil conspriacy. It is hard to get excited about an evil highway that already exists. (Well, 285 around Atlanta is about as evil as it gets and it will excite anyone who drives on it but that is a different issue)

South park... Yes those guys come up wiht a reason for damn near everything....

9:09 AM  

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