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13 October 2006

The Cyborgs are coming....

Actually, if you want to get technical they are already here and have been for quite awhile. After all, what is the definition of a cyborg?

Cyborg: a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.

Guess what pacemakers are? But we are way beyond pacemakers and insulin pumps now. I was listening to NPR again the other day and they were talking about Cochlear Implants which are done to enable the severely deaf to hear and the upcoming ability to do retinal implants to enable the blind to see. Now folks, when we start hardwiring the ability to see or hear into people's brains we are in the land of the Cyborg. Of course now the technology is limited. They say with a cochlear implant you can hear but it isn't really hearing the same sounds and with the retinal implants you get a sort of very low res black and white view of things. But technology improves and these will too. Now my question is how long before someone decides to tweak their system? Instead of a cochlear implant that picks up the normal register of sound why not expand it's range into the ultra or subsonic? Retinal implants that pick up infrared in additon to (or instead of) standard vision?
The world of Anime cyborgs may never exist but we are getting closer to it all the time. They even have artificial limbs now that are connected to the nerves that used to control the natural limb.
Things are going to get more and more interesting and I love it. I suspect the real advances on modifications will not be made in the US but in Asia. The US has too many regulations about stuff like that. But it is coming, you may just hav to go to Taiwan, or Hong Kong to get it......


Blogger Jen said...

You will be able to get it..But.. Do you really want it?

All those modifcations sound cool. But its just like plastic surgery..when is it to much?

Dont get me wrong. Im not opposed to anyone making a choice to do something that makes them feel better about themselves. I also think the advance technology is a miricle waiting to happen for those who really need it..(the deaf, blind, lame, etc.)

But for those of us who are functioning on a what would be considered normal level..Is this a place we need to go?

Not putting the idea of it down..Just thinking all the pros and cons of it over.

4:50 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

There are some signifigant cons to the whole idea. Especially in the early stages or when bootleg work is bing done. But you know there are people out there who will do it. It will be like piercing, at first only an extreme edge do it, then gradually it will spread. And of course the government will start experimentation for spies or super soldiers. But we will never hear about that.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Adrian said...

I want an X-Ray vision implant, but only when Im around Jen!!

(Naturally only to protect her and to use my powers to detect suspicious terrorist types) : )

2:36 PM  
Anonymous opit said...

And here I thought sci-fi commentary haunted Obsidian Wings ! If the script goes according to all the wild imaginings of authors, military research should endeavour to find an advantage with this developing tech.

7:08 PM  

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