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18 August 2007

Decsions decsions....

I really need to decide if I am going to keep doing this or give it up. This once every week or two really isn't doing much for me or for anyone else.

It is nice to see that some of the Democratic candidates for President are finally admitting that they can't pull the troops out of Iraq in a day. This drumbeat of drivel about "Get us out now!" that I keep hearing is so logistically, strategically, and tactically stupid that it nearly makes me foam at the mouth. Last week on NPR I heard Joe Biden say that it would take over a year to pull out the main combat forces and even then there would be a military presence in Iraq for several years. I must say that is a view I can respect. Of course he being somewhat rational on the topic is so far back in the polls as to seem irrelevant. He did point out that in that last election at this time everyone was saying that Dean had it locked up and we all know how that turned out.
The Republicans are just as bad. Each candidate is busily kowtowing to the Religious right and the "Conservative Base". Mitt Romeny's "One strike and They're Ours" proposal is a classic example of sound bite policy. "Look! Look! I'm SERIOUS about Internet predators!" Yawn. I would be a lot more impressed if he were serious about cutting back the size of the government and killing all of these "We have to trade some Freedoms for Security" suggestions that are being made out there.

On a different topic it has become very clear to me that the anti war left really doesn't care what General Petraeus says in his September report. they will seize on anything remotely negative and ignore anything positive and continue to scream for withdrawal. A few months ago I had been getting fairly pessimistic about he situation over there but it is clear that a lot of progress has been made on the military side of the issue. Politically there is still chaos but frankly, until there is some form of real security no political progress can be made. So I am feeling better about things. Or I would be if I wasn't pretty sure that the American people with all the attention span of a sound bite weren't more interested in American Idol, Lindsey Lohan, and following whatever the cool hipsters were saying. And since most of the cool hipsters are using their huge foundation in military science and history to speak out against the war, the sheep are following.


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