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Someone should care, maybe not you....

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04 November 2008

Post election?

I keep hearing and reading about young black men saying there will be riots if Obama loses.
WTF? If these people want to behave like third world idiots they should move. There is no right to riot in the Constitution and if we get lucky and McCain wins I sincerely hope that any riots that may begin are crushed with all appropriate force. I do not care that they may feel let down or betrayed. Or that they are underrepresented. Perhaps if more of these folks got off their butts more often and got involved in civil society they wouldn't be so underrepresented.
What always gets my goat about race riots is that shortly after they are over there are calls for the government to spend our tax money to rebuild the stuff that the rioters burnt down or destroyed. I am willing to do that if all of the rioters are moved out of the area so they get no benefit from the reconstruction.

There will be no Republican riots if McCain loses and there shouldn't be any from anyone at all if Obama loses. Sheer screaming stupidity.


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