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09 March 2009

The Plan

So much I could write about today. Everything from the unsurprising but certainly not welcomed (by anyone, including Sinn Fein) return of the IRA to terrorism to the magical ability of our President to increase spending by Trillions of dollars while a the same time assuring us that he is going to reduce the deficit by cutting spending.

But instead I think I will write about THE PLAN. I was listening to NPR
Sunday evening and I heard about the secret great white conspiracy to remove black folks from their neighborhoods and replace them with white folks. This is called people letting their racial paranoias blind them to economic reality. Because they are right that there is a plan, but they are wrong in its target. This plan isn’t directed against blacks it is directed against the poor. And there is nothing secret about this plan, it is openly discussed in pretty much each and every city/county/ state/ federal governmental meeting that is ever held.
One must first realize that in the real world the job of government isn’t to serve the people, it is to make money for the government and to stay in power. Poor people, be they white, black brown, or green do not make governments money. They cost money. They need more assistance, more upkeep; they don’t pay into the coffers. So the plan of pretty much any government is to replace those who don’t pay in with those who do. They don’t really want the super rich because those folks have to many lawyers, and too much business skills, they don’t end up paying as much as the government would like. They love the upper middle class though and will go to great lengths to get them to move into an area and bring the businesses that support their life style with them. Once this start happening prices start going up, property taxes start going up, rent goes up, boom the poor can’t afford to stay and away they go. Now in the bigger cities this usually means that browner folks are moving out and whiter folks are moving in. In the old western mining towns it means whites are being moved out by skiers and California exiles. As more and more browner folks move up economically (and yes, despite what pundits on the left repeat all the time lots of the brown groups are moving on up) the racial overtones will start to fade away.

Now of course the poor don’t just go away, they just get moved to another part of town that on the decline and is easier to afford. The politicians of course love this because the poor make up a great voting block. They are generally much easier to influence and control than the better educated upper and upper middle classes. Generally they are influenced by stirring up class (often disguised as racial) envy and railing against the same people that their policies brought in to increase the tax base.

So yeah, THE PLAN is real. But they aren’t out to get you because you are black but because you don’t have enough money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do they want me to be upper middle class so they can rake off more taxes, or poor so I'm a more easily manipulated member of the voting block?

7:47 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

That is I believe the great conundrum of the politicos.

8:13 AM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Well said. You can give a concrete example, like they'd like Michael Jordan or Oprah more than they like you. No offense, but it's the truth.

Every year, Jordan and Oprah pay millions in taxes and put millions more into the economy. You and I pay five figures in taxes. Big difference.

But yeah, poor people are useless to the government. Watch Katrina. Watch how slow they were to help out those folks.

Now if they were really smart, they'd try to make everyone Upper Middle Class. It's those folks who pay the most taxes per dollar. The rich pay less because they have better accountants and better lawyers.

5:20 PM  
Blogger opit said...

'If they were smart'. There's that short little word again.
Truthfully - stupidity hasn't anything to do with it. Ideology making the rich richer makes the GOP's day.
A market economy depends on a market. Giving money to those who hold onto it doesn't stimulate the economy : it withdraws money available for trade from circulation !
It has become something labeled as 'socialism' to note the obvious truth of tax revenue : from those who have received much, more is expected. It's dead simple. Would you expend energy collecting from those who have - or those who don't ?
Rather a no-brainer,isn't it ?

3:41 PM  

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