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01 February 2009

More of the same

New month in a new year and the same old stuff continues. First, a few responses to comments on the last post:
1. Jen! Good to see you again. Don’t stay gone so long again.

2. The question was asked by Opit if our aid to Israel means we are already involved in the conflict there. Of course it does. Of course we give aid to Egypt too. And Jordan. And we give Saudi Arabia trillions of dollars every year for oil. So we are involved on all sides over there. This does not mean I want us to get involved more. Frankly, the Israelis and the Palestinians deserve each other. This issue could have been settled long ago if either side had expressed any real willingness to compromise. But Israel gives too much influence to the real rightwing Zionist nutjobs in their country. (although that influence has been shrinking in the last few years) and the Palestinians cannot bring themselves to admit that Israel is there and they have to deal with the place if they ever want to get out of refugee camps. (this too has started to change in the last few years) At the rate they are going they might make some sort of peace in the next 20 years. Or kill each other off. Hard to say which at this point, but my guess is peace. Significant parts of both populations are getting sick and tired of the whole mess. They just have to find a way to reel in their lunatic fringes. Good luck to them.

3. Should we get involved to keep it from spreading? No. See above answer.

Anyone else noticed a disturbing trend among our new government of change to not understand the tax laws? I really wonder what Blue Girl would have had to say about Republican nominees that were this cavalier about paying taxes. I expect it would have been explicit and hostile. I have dropped by her new place a couple of times but haven’t seen any stink being raised. I suppose it is possible she did and I missed it because she posts so much it could get buried but I rather suspect she has drunk the kool-aid. Too bad.

I did hear a guy on the radio suggest that while Geitner is in charge of the treasury no one else should have to pay any penalties on taxes. Seems fair to me. If he can’t figure out the tax code with his experience then us common folks should be allowed a wash too. And what is this I hear that Tom Daschele also seem to have some tax issues? (100K+ of problems) Yeah, change is good…..


Blogger opit said...

Perhaps you didn't notice her note. Blue Girl was to have knee surgery and was concerned about her ability to blog from both physical and cost POVs.

11:10 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Yeah I missed that. But her blog is still full of stuff.....

6:50 AM  

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