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02 December 2008

Run off day....

Well first things first. The dog is up and about. Still looks like a fur covered skeleton, but she is improving. She eats more, not enough yet but more. I will be happy when she eats an entire bowl of food. Now I am waiting for the biopsies to come back so we can see if that abscess was caused by some form of cancer. Fingers are crossed. Thanks for the vibes Jenn and the concern from all others including anon who offered to loan me the money for the bills. I may take you up on that yet.
And a special thanks to Threescore and Ten who actually has put up the money so far for this issue. I'll be paying him back too.

Now on to today's news. Today is the Run off in the Georgia Senate race. Saxby Chambliss vs Jim Martin. Too more similar candidates would be hard to find despite the vitriol they throw at one another. The Dem, Martin, actually endorsed and voted for Bush in his last run.

Both candidates are attacking one another with verve and a near total disregard for reality. I am particularly amused my the continuing assault by Martin on Cahmbliss's vote for the Wall Street bailout. This shows Chamblisses complete disregard for the middle class. It of course ignore that fact that the President elect, the vice president elect and the Sec of State Designate also voted for the bailout.
The Republicans on the other hand are constantly harping on the fact that if Martin wins the Dems could get a "Super Majority" in the Senate which they would use to give citizenship to every illegal alien in the country, give everyone free abortions, institute nationwide gay marriage, seize the children of very heterosexual couple in the US and send them to raised in camps run by gay sodomite where they would be taught there is no bad touching... Well that last is an exaggeration. But not much of one.

My general thought is "A pox on both of their houses." Although I grant you, a Democratic super majority is not something I would particularly like. But then again. Jim Martin wouldn't vote for ANY of those things. He is really every bit as conservative as Saxby Chambliss.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear DD is improving


5:14 AM  
Blogger opit said...

A pox on both your houses. Damn man, you're scaring me. Sounds way too astute.

5:25 PM  

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