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06 March 2010

Well, that's annoying.

I noticed that a bunch of my old posts were filling up with spam so I finally put the hated character recognition this in and promptly got spam on my latest post.

Grump, curse, grumble.

Anyone paying attention to the recent flare up of the Falklands Islands dispute between the UK and Argentina? there has been a fair amount of talk about it places other than the US. I think it is pretty much a fancy stage show. It enables the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, to up her sagging poll numbers by getting tough with the UK, it enables Gordon Brown to do the same think by standing firm against Argentina. Neither country wants or can afford a fight so I doubt anything will come of it.
I was disappointed to see the Obama administration not support the UK. It would seem to me that we owe them. The simple fact that pretty much EVERYONE who lives there wants to remain part of the UK should count for something. Mexico has a much better claim on the Gadsen Purchase than Argentina does on the Falklands.


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