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Someone should care, maybe not you....

My thoughts on many things including the army, war, politics, the military corrections system, chaos, life, books, movies, and why there is no blue food. Feel free to comment on what I say. Feedback is nice.

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40+ year old former teacher, linguist, interrogator, soldier, and lastly convict. We all do stupid things every once and awhile. I am an economic conservative and a firm believer in civil rights. Starting a new life now and frankly not sure what I am going to be doing.

07 February 2011

Interesting to me at least

Strange little fact about this blog. of the almost 400 posts I have made here the one that get's the most hits off Google regularly is one I made in Sept 2005 about a song that I remembered singing with my family while traveling. A song about a man who grew an apple tree and then died in it.

The original post is Here.

Of equal interest is the second most hit post which is my review and commentary on the movie V for Vendetta.

Not the posts I would have thought would be tops but hey, anything that works.


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