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13 July 2005

Random thoughts on me, Boy Scouts, the Supreme Court, and other issues as I think of them

Actually, let's start with the Boy Scouts. It seems in Atlanta they over reported the number of minority scouts enrolled in a program that gives them money for uniforms, campouts etc. Fraud or sloppiness in record keeping is as of yet unknown but either, or more likely a combination of both, are possible in the good old boy south. What gets me is that the program that gets all the money is designed to help minority and underpriviledged youths get into scouting. (Ever notice how those two words always get used together but no one ever comment on minorities who aren't underpriviledged or white kids who are? Oh well) At any rate from what I heard on NPR this afternoon scout leaders from inner city Atlanta are getting together to urge the United Way not to donate some huge amount of money to fund this program. Now excuse me but isn't that sort of cutting off your nose to spite your face? So money was being brought in for allegedly imaginary scouts. The money is still being used to support Scouting in the Atlanta area including these inner city troops. I am not sure what exacatly they are getting all hot about. They want less money for their programs I guess.....

I have come to the realization that I probably write better stuff when responding to others than I do on my own. I thought about that as I was responding to something on the BlueGal's blog. She was writing about the up coming supreme court appointment and we have differing views on some things. Go and read it, she writes good arguements. I won't rehash it here except to say that the mantra that you hear from the left that Bush is going to pack the court with conservatives is bunk. To do that the more liberal wing of the court would need to be retireing. It is the conservatives who are moving on, Bush's appointments will merely maintain the status quo.

I was thinking today (a dangerous habit) about how many people opposed to Bush's actions in the War on Terror, tend to say things like "Well most of the the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia." This is usually done before attacking Bush's action in Iraq. My response to this is SO WHAT? Don't spout drivel unless you have a plan or an idea. Are you suggesting that we should have invaded Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq? If one of you folks out there would care to explain to me why you feel that is significant and more importantly, what you want to do about it, please, feel free. the Saudi government is a L O N G way from ideal and the Wahabist sect of Islam that the country produces is the root of alot of Islamic Fundamentalists. But you know, their government still supports us and works with us. The wahabists are an issue that will rise up and bite the Saudi royal house one day soon and I think they know that.

My little blog here seems to be reaching out a bit. Hits are picking up some. And I am showing up on Yahoo Search. According to the Tracksy hit counter I have two people have found me from Yahoo Search, one was looking for Geoneonanimation, mentioned in my movie reviews, and the other surprisingly enough was looking for Domino's Pizza, mentioned in my first post. The wierdest things show up I suppose......

Enough for today I suppose. A close friend of mine who should be finishing out his last year or so in the Army as a First SGT at DLI just arrived in Baghdad were he will be attached to an Iraqi Battalion to help train them. Good luck Rick and come home in suitable condition for kayaking, SCUBA, and a half marathon.


Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Ever notice how those two words always get used together but no one ever comment on minorities who aren't underpriviledged or white kids who are? Oh well

Quote of the day right there. I wish we'd stop looking at race and start looking at class when it comes to privilege. Take people like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, both super rich, one white, one half-white, half-black. I think both have more opportunities in life than your average working class person their age, regardless of race. Also, they have considerably more safety nets should they falter (as we all know they have). I'm not using them out of jealousy, but as an example of class vs race.

10:36 PM  
Blogger garm33 said...

I din't make it past cub scouts, so I can only comment on my limited exposure to it.

It should be about the kids learning about scouting. I assume the Boy Scouts of America wanted to increase there enrollment of minories in the Atlanta area.

How many minority Scouts will drop out as a result of this...false hood. Rich or poor.

Being honest or forth right is suppose to important...the adults are setting a bad example.

As far as Iraq is concerned, it was a bad idea the way it was done. The plan assumes common Iraq man or woman would support an invasion.

The planners were not being objective. Anyone who went against the party line was ignored or retired early.

Something as simple as our troups having desert camo...or armored vehicles.

On the news clips I saw..mostly high ranking generals had desert camo...and everyone else had the standard green camo.

Maybe I'm missing something.

9:38 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

When I was there everyone had DCUs. As for the planning, well they were vastly overconfident as to theri reception and then Bremmer adminitration there sat around and pissed away our best opportunity.

12:05 PM  

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