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40+ year old former teacher, linguist, interrogator, soldier, and lastly convict. We all do stupid things every once and awhile. I am an economic conservative and a firm believer in civil rights. Starting a new life now and frankly not sure what I am going to be doing.

07 July 2005


I have been told in no uncertain terms that I should be writing my "war stories". This usually happens after a conversation in which I tell one or two of them. Stories like the Pepsi terrorists that are down the list aways. I am going to do that. But not tonight. Tonight is a less ambitious random rant/reverie.
I was sitting in my kayak in the middle of my pond earlier today. I say pond, but in truth right now it is little more than a hole with alot of water in it. It has no spring so it is totally dependent on rain to fill up and in the last few years drought has assured it of being dry most of the time. This year it has alot of water. I am hopefull that I can keep it up and get it to real pondhood. The local frogs have been doing their part to bring life to the water and I, in an attempt to control the mosquito population, went and netted up a bunch of minnows and put them in there. Well today I saw many, as in lots and lots, of little bitty minnows less than .25 inch in length. i.e. The first native generation to my pond. I was happy. Sitting on the kayak in the pond is very relaxing. I watch the birds fly over, in the evening I can see the bats come out of the trees and swoop down over the water. I am lucky enough to have my house in a place where I can sit there for an hour and not have a single car drive by. I like that alot. The plan I have to keep my pond full involves the extra well on the property and some solar panels. I intend to drop a new pump in the well that will run off solar power. Thus when the sun shines, water enters my pond.I will probably landscape the heck out of the yard and make a stream that will run across the yard from the well to the pond. Of course to do this I need to buy the pump and the panels. This will cost me somewhere between 1500 adn 3500 dollars depending on how pwerfull and pump I get and how many panels. Of course as a direct result of my having been exceptionally stupid and getting tossed from the army after a short stay in thier home for unwanted soldiers (i.e army jail), I am unemployed. So the well is on a back burner for the moment and I am living on my savings. This of course can't go one very long.
Which of course leads to a different thought. The army is having real trouble getting people to enlist. I and several others who were in the clink would be more than happy to get back in, go to Iraq or Afghanistan, and redeem ourselves. I have read that the Army is going to start allowing some people who have BCDs (bad conduct discharges) to come back in. I would rather they just stopped the process to toss me out and put me back to work. Trained and skilled interrogaters are not found on every street corner. (and in all honesty, I was good at the job.) I am not going to hold my breathe though. To paraphrase the blog by sfalphageek "You may love the army, but don't think it loves you back." It doesn't. In fact it not only doesn't love you it activly dislikes you when you do something wrong. You would think 14 years of good service would weigh in there somewhere but it doesn't. All that means is that I should have known better. Oh well, not planning on fussing about that tonight so enough.
I was reading another blog I rather enjoy. Blue Girl, Red State This lady really sound like she would be interesting to get together with and talk and eat dinner. I disagree with her on A LOT of things but she uses rational thought instead of random invective in her arguements which I like. She was talking about the upcoming Supreme Court war and said the following, "President Bush claims he will require no litmus test for any nominee. Let me assure him that we will. There will be no roll-back of reproductive choice, no scaling back of privacy. Or there will be no confirmed justice." Now while I agree with her on privacy, that attitude added to the equally foolish one of the right demanding a strident anti-abortionist nominee, means all chaos is about to ensue. I pity the nominee. He or she is in for pure living hell. And as an aside to that, how in the hell can Alberto Gonzales not be conservative enough???? Are these people mad? sigh. There is a reason I am no longer a Republican. Now if only I could find a political party that was rational. The Libertarians are good except they haven't got a rational foreign policy. Oh well probably enough for tonight anyway.


Blogger Stephalupogus said...

so where are the stories? I can start up an automatic email to nag you after all. Or since I know your phone number I can be truly evil. ;)

2:36 PM  
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