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16 February 2006

Cheney, so what?

Ok, we all know by now that the vice President accidentally shot a lawyer while "hunting"* at some ranch. We also know that he didn't go to the press right away and cry Mea Culpa and explain the whole story over and over to the press.
So What? I mean really, it isn't like he was denying it or trying to cover it up. Nobody was blaming some other guy for doing it.
I watched some press weasel form, the Washington Post on News Hour last night whining that Cheney hadn't apologized to "us or the American People." Now why in Heck should he apologize to the Press for anything relating to this? Same goes for the American People. He needs to apologize to the lawyer, his wife and probably the owner of the hunting preserve whose insurance rates just went up. But he didn't do anything to us, the American People. He did do something to the Washington Press Corps I suppose. He didn't feed their egos by running to them first and crying for their mercy. Instead a local paper got the local story first. Imagine that!
I'm sorry, this whole thing is a big NON-ISSUE.


Blogger The Appalachianist said...

The big question to me is how Bird Shot got into the guy's heart? At 30 yards? I don't doubt it was at 30 yards though. "Hevishot" is not available in 28 Gauge.
Your exactly right. Meanness is happing all over the world and the Newsies are carrieing on about this thing. Honestly, I wouldn't trust them with a gun myself.

6:16 PM  
Blogger European said...

Crap. I stepped on my husband's foot. Better call the press so I can apologize to the nation. They must be feeling mighty bad!

7:27 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Yeah, the thirty yards thing is a stretch but it is possible. 90 feet isn't that far. And it got to his heart later, moving shot moving around inside his body.

Euro, be sure to notify the Washinton post, they seem to feel left out...:)

6:28 AM  
Blogger Serena said...

In my opinion, Cheney shouldn't have notified the press-- nor spoken with them until the man's condition was stabilized and he had permission from the family. And, if there were to be an investigation pending, not until preliminary interviews, etc. were finished.

3:53 AM  

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