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14 February 2006

Immigration idiocy

The department of immigration and naturalization here has gotten the message that to many illegal aliens are in the US and there is a need to keep terrorists out and it is their job to do something about it. As such, many low level employees are give great power over issues of people coming into the country. They are told on one hand to used their good judgment and discretion, but, on the other hand, they are also told that if someone gets in on their watch their heads will roll. What is the upshot of this? Idiocy at the border. Probably the most egregious case involves a second grader in New York that Immigration officials have been trying to deport for the last two years. His mother is a naturalized American citizen, his father is not and lives in Canada. Two years ago the boy went to visit his father and due to a paper work error the INS tried to refuse him entry into the country. When his mother finally got him back in they promptly began deportation proceedings against the boy. When the New York Times published a front page story about the case the higherups in the Department got involved, to avoid bad PR, and quickly dropped the case. This does not change the fact that the mother has spent more that $10,000 over the last tow years in a pointless and stupid war with people who wanted to deport her son.
In another case an Irish Literature Professor came to the US as a guest professor to teach a course at the University of Pennsylvania. When he arrived it was determined that there was an error in his paper work. At first the immigration officer offered to correct the error if the Professor paid a fine on the spot but then changed her mind saying he was a professor and "should have known better" He was arrested, strip searched and sent to cell where he was told that if he protested he would be deported and never allowed into the US again. Sharing his cell that night was a pregnant German women whose visa had been summarily cancelled by immigration agents who said she was planning on violating the visa by working in the US. They were both returned to Europe the next day. The Professor got things straightened out and got back to the US a week later to teach his class but needless to say, his friends in Europe certainly have an interesting view of how we operate over here now.
In a third case, a group of Tibetan Monks were visiting, sponsored (and funded) by a church (the Church of Shambahala)in Arizona. When they declined to recognize the church's leader as the reincarnation of both Jesus Christ and Buddha the church withdrew their sponsorship thus causing their visas to be revoked. The group of Monks went to Omaha to a series of Buddhist workshops were a dozen immigration officers in Riot gear descended on them to arrest them because they were now "fugitive aliens".

Now I know that a lot of folks get all worked up over illegal immigration and call for strict control of the borders. Some loons even call for the militarization of the border. I must ask, do we really want to live in a place where stuff like this becomes the norm? Because if we do this it will become more, not less common. When bureaucrats are given authority over things they will always take the stupidest interpretation of the rules to best COVER THEIR ASSES.
I personally don't want to live in a country with enforcement like this. I don't want to see the military patrolling our borders like they did in East Germany and do in North Korea (the two best examples of countries that successfully "control their borders".)
It's just damn foolish.


Blogger gunngirl said...

Happy Valentines Day Exmi.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Excellent post. It's so true... also you will find a lot more corruption when the rules become so arbitrary.

7:13 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

Oh yes, without a doubt. In fact I wondered about that "I'll fix your problem if you pay this fine on the spot." thing.
There was a time here where I live when Sheriff deputies used to let you pay a traffic fine "on the spot" too. In cash and strangely enough it would never show up in the records.
More opportunities for those who take advantage.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Serena said...

Corruption and Immigration-- I just can't believe it. *sticks fingers in ears and begins to sing*
There's really no need to make up such malicious lies about such a respectable--sacred, even agency.
For shame.

8:01 AM  

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