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Someone should care, maybe not you....

My thoughts on many things including the army, war, politics, the military corrections system, chaos, life, books, movies, and why there is no blue food. Feel free to comment on what I say. Feedback is nice.

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40+ year old former teacher, linguist, interrogator, soldier, and lastly convict. We all do stupid things every once and awhile. I am an economic conservative and a firm believer in civil rights. Starting a new life now and frankly not sure what I am going to be doing.

13 February 2006


This thing is running very slow for me today so I will update tomorrow. Immigration issues. How Homeland security and a secure border is making mountains from molehills.


Blogger Serena said...

There is a hostel/hotel in Montmartre--the bohemian hill in the north of the city-- called the Square Hotel (so named for its address: 2 Sq. Caulancourt, Paris). It offers single rooms (and double, and triple and dorms) for pretty cheap, and while it isn't the Ritz, it is nice and clean, there is breakfast, free internet, rooms are en suite, and it is steps from the Metro Line 12. Biggest plus of all? It is in one of my favorite parts of town. About a 10 minute walk from the Moulin Rouge and the Chat Noir in Pigalle, and 10 minutes in another direction from Sacre Coeur-- a must see in Paris.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Serena said...

Be sure to wish her a 'Bon Voyage!'

1:23 PM  

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