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17 January 2006

Ray Nagin joins the the "God is mad" crowd

Well, that fine example of effective leadership, Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans has joined Pat Robertson in telling us that God is punishing us. Of course when Pat said it God was punishing New Orleans for being an evil and sinful city. Now, according to Mr. Nagin God is sending Hurricanes to punish the whole US because we are in Iraq. He also adds that god is unhappy with Black America because there are too many single parent households.

Also in the speech he said that new Orleans would be a chocolate city. It will be majority African American because that is how God wants it. It is good to know that MR. Nagin has God's ear on this issue. I am trying to imagine what kind of chaos would erupt if the mayor of some other city were to declare that his/her city would be majority white because it was God's will.

Well, what can I say?


Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

What a whack job.

The real reason hurricane happened was because of George Bush. He was doing circles in his motorboat really, really fast in the Gulf of Mexico.

7:43 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Hey, that's a new one, I'llbet the idea spreads.......

7:34 AM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

It's a knock on the "blame Bush first" crowd. You know me, I'm no fan of Bush, but I really do believe in being fair. When he screws up, I'll rail on him. When he does something right, I'll praise him. The blame Bush first crowd foams at the mouth when they even hear his name.

10:13 PM  
Blogger TheMalau said...

I tend to blame Bush first :), and I don't foam at the mouth. I try to acknowledge when he does something right too... I just haven't seen anything. hahaha! Okay that was cheap, sorry.

exmi, I agree, there is a slight bias in favor of black people in matters regargding racial discrimination... but it is a product of the past attitudes of white people in this country (and actually not so past, as just the other day, on Miami University of Ohio campus, some white guys yelled "F*** you dirty nigger" at me, and all the passersby did not even express any sympathy, or disapproval). See History always bites people in the ass eventually.

Being black (albeit African), I find the bias (chocolate city) to be quite fair, in this case. See Nagin went too far, with his "God is mad" thing. But one cannot help but notice who the insurance companies are paying first, in damages for New Orleans. One cannot help bu notice all the real estate prospectors, that are already looming the area, as a potential place for new, upscale subdivisions... and I am sure you know that many people in New Orleans - in the words of CNN's Wolf Blitzer - are "so poor, and so black". Man black people from New O feel like the powers that be are voluntarily dragging their feet, to wear them out of the idea of going back to New Orleans, so they can do some gentrification, Harlem style.

Now, whether or not this is actually true, I cannot say for sure, of course. But that is the sentiment these people expressed, and that's the frustration that Nagin brought out, in a very clumsy and misguided way. In fact it was not an attack on white people, asking them to get out of NO, which is also their town. It was a request to white people, not drive/force black people out of NO.

11:41 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

The malau, Welcome to my blog. Nice to have a new face.
I won't deny that racial issues still exist in this country and I won't get into the various forms where people have called me names for being white in the wrong places too.
Not being in NO I can't say who the insurance companies are paying first. If the rich white folks are getting done first I rather suspect part of that has to do with having better insurance policies from better companies but again, that is speculation.
Teh gentrification of New Orleans is somethign that was speculated upon while the water was still rising. (in fact if you look back in my blog you will find a post on the issue)
the problem there isn't, I suspect, that the home onwers with insurance will not be allowed back, it is that those without insurance will be unable to rebuild and those who were renting (a much larger percentage probably)face the unenvialbe prosect of their landlords deciding to go upscale or to sell out to upscale developers.

Nagin may be frustrated but it is his administration in the city that is supposed to be leading this effort. He nneds to do more than declare that god wants N.O. black.

8:32 AM  
Blogger TheMalau said...

Agreed aabout Nagin needing to do more too. And I am sure within the limitations of his means he will.

The great issue is renters of course, I concur. But see, it is all a matter of political will. If there was an interest higher up th chain to maintain the make-up of NO (racial or otherwise); or to put it differently, if there wasn't an apprent interest, higher up in government, NOT to maintain that make up, then there would not be an issue here, would it? I mean there are majority White cities/twns all over the country, and minorities don't have a problem with that (in fact they don't really have the choice, being a minority and all :)), as long as there are no rampant KKK types trying to shoot them. But it seems that every single time there is a majority Black town, instead of addressing the historical, social, political and economic issues that tend to create the urban unrest, the powers that be seem to find it more desirable to just ignore them, or "get rid of them", through gentrification. With this in mind, though I don't condone his words, I tend to empathize with Nagin. But that's just me.

7:18 AM  
Blogger TheMalau said...

Oh and thank you for welcoming me here. Drop by The Salon some time.

7:19 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

I don't think there is the interest in government to necesarily get rid of minority majority cities. There is an interest in local governments of increasing their tax base and bringing in more money to use in the city. This of cousre includes the attempts to get rid of cheap low tax houseing and getr people with more money to build more expensive houseing thus coincidently getting rid of the low income workers too.

there is no legitimate way to prevent people who osned the older houses that rented for lower rates from rebuilding more upscale. (infact there is no way to prevent it since new construction will cost more than the old houses it is replacing)
New Orleans as it was is dead and gone, it will be interesting to see what grows in it's place.

7:39 AM  

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