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12 January 2006

A break through????

According to The NewYork Times it seems that the Iraqi insurgents are getting fed up with the Al Queda foreign fighters. (For reference on some of the different groups involved Who are the bad guys?")
In interviews with self-identified insurgents NYT reporters have found out that there have been several large battles between indigenous insurgent groups and the Al Queda fighters. On Oct 23 there was a large fight on the outskirts of Taji, a town north of Baghdad. This took place a few days after an angry meeting between the two groups about 2 men the Al Queda fighters had killed. Insurgent fighter "Abu Lil" is quoted saying "They repeatedly kill our people."

This split coincides with the new desire the Sunnis have to participate in the governmental process in Iraq. Many Iraqis feel that the Al Queda fighters are a "foreign-led force, whose extreme religious goals and desires for sectarian war against Iraq's Shiite majority override Iraqi tribal and nationalist traditions."
In an interesting three way confirmation with information from US and Iraqi intelligence officials and from inurgent fighters it appears that fighting has broken out between the Al Queda and the local insurgents in several towns including Ramadi, Husayba, and Karmah. One Sunni tribe in Samarra tried and executed Al Queda fighters after they assassinated the tribal Sheik.

Further disputes arise over Al Queda's bloody bombing tactics. They are very unhappy about the massive civilian casualties that are being inflicted by Al Queda.
In the town of Dhuluiya the residents went tot eh local insurgents and said they wanted to aprticipate in the elections lest "the government be lost". The insurgents agreed. Al Queda came in and put up posters threatening to kill anyone who voted and confronted a local Iman who told them it was none of their business. A collection of 5 local Imans then proceeded to tear down the Al Queda posters and the election went as scheduled. Under the protection of the local insurgent forces.

Another insurgent tells of how a relative of his, a Shiite was kidnapped by some Al Queda fighters. He went in search of his relative and eventually found him. IN the morgue where "His legs bore drill holes revealing bone. His jaw had slid off to one side of his head, and his nose was broken. Burns marked his body. His knees were raw, as if he had been dragged." This Iraqi insurgent then went and gathered the members of his cell and went and ambushed and killed the two Syrian Al Queda men who had been behind the kidnapping.

One last insurgent, Abu Omar, in Baghdad, says that it is against his beliefs to help the Americans. But he admits that he allows himself a small celebration whenever an Al Queda fighter is killed by them. "I feel happy when the Americans kill them,"

This opens many interesting possibilities in the future in Iraq.


Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

This opens many interesting possibilities in the future in Iraq.

Yes it does. Hopefully they'll think that the enemy of their enemy is a friend.

7:50 PM  

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