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05 November 2006

Why not something different?

It is about time to vote and everyone is pulling out their red and blue states. Well folks, if you are REALLY unhappy witht he way things are going in this country it is well beyond time to stop looking Republican or Democrat and choose something new. Now I know everyone will say "But voting for a third party is throwing your vote away!" Or "Voting for the X party is giving the election to the(insert Republican or Democrat here depending on who is complaining)" I beg to differ.

What will really make the political parties sit up and take notice? Staying home? Nope, they absolutely don't mind if the majority of the people sit home, so long as more of the ones who come out vote for them. What bug them the most is if you leave and vote for someone else. And since the Republicans and the Democrats have had equal opportunity to screw up the system in our government it is time to go and vote for someone else. Now. Will that someone else win? Probably not. But if the main parties see everyone going off to other groups they will begin to absorb the platforms of those other groups to draw people back. You saw this after the Ross Perot uprising, everyone went "Reform" crazy to bring those voters back. It has been done in the past too. The Socialist party was the first to push for Child labor laws and Womens' suffrage, the major parties followed when the idea became big. The income tax was first pushed for by the Populist Party and the Socialist Party. And there are more

So go and give a third party a look.

There are a lot of them.

The Constitution Party

The Green Party

The Independence Party (of Minnesota) Are these a national group? I don't know......

The Natural Law Party

the Libertarian Party Note: I LIKE these guys, just wish they would come up with a RATIONAL foreign policy.

The Socialist Party

The Communist Party USA

The America First Party

The US Marijuana Party (Guess what they advocate?)

For a much longer list check HERE they include such wonders and the National Barking Spider Resurgence Party, The Scorched Earth Party, The Federation for Southern Independence (where the Confederacy is being reconstituted as I type), and just to cover most parts of the political spectrums The United Fascist Union

Go, give them a look, find someone NEW to vote for and upset the Reds and the Blues by voting MAGENTA!


Blogger Mental Meanderings said...

If you don't find a party you like, you can always just pick one at random. It often accomplishes the same thing.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note that your vote is every bit as "wasted" even if you vote for that party that wins. For example, in the last election, California was all but certain to give all of its electoral votes to Kerry. So, there wasn't a need to vote either Democratic or against Bush. California was going Kerry no matter what you did. You might as well have voted for a third party.

For that matter, it's just as much of a "waste" to vote for the major party that loses as for a minor party that loses.

So, either decide not to vote, or actually look at some candidates other than the top two and decide where you want your personal, individual stamp of approval to go.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Adrian said...

The United Fascist Union? Lol!

That site was WELL worth visiting...

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for wasting votes: in my locale, there was a ballot initiative that affected two counties; both counties had to pass the measure with a 2/3 majority. One county scraped up 69%, the other 57%.

A local paper (one in favor of this vote) did the math and promptly started decrying the way the project had been derailed by a "tiny minority" of 2% voting against the measure. Oh, so I suppose all the other hundreds of thousands of people that also voted "no" don't count, just the last few? I can be fairly sure that if the total came in at 68% instead of 66%, this paper wouldn't be running articles about how the measure was railroaded through by a tiny conspiracy of 2% special interests.

Everyone's vote is wasted, or not, to the same degree. It's the total that matters, and each vote in that total is "wasted" a tiny fraction.

10:22 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

Sort of a story why your vote is important.

Here the congressional race is currently seperated by less than 1000 votes. It can make a difference.

10:52 AM  

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