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11 February 2007

Lawer radio....

Allow me to preface this post by stating that in general I HATE legal
call in radio shows. the hosts sound like glib semi celebrity wannabes
and the callers are whining crybabies who refuse to hear an answer they
don't like.

Now, that being said, on WLAC 1510 AM out of
Nashville is my exception to the rule. Legally
is a legal show I not only listen to, I enjoy it. It
feature 4practicing attorneys from Nashville. Part of the appeal is these gentlemen's voices. I disliked looking at the web page and seeing what they really looked like because as you hear them talking images of smart Southern lawyers from movies fill your head. They do not look at all like the pictures in my head. One of the benefits of this program is that while they take callers they really
don't get very many. They spend most of the show discussing the LAW.
They review cases that are up before the Supreme Court, or interesting
cases that have been decided aroudn the country and what appeals have
been upheld and what are overturned and why this can affect people.
When they do get callers they are quick and on the point. They not only
give general advice they will cite case numbers, precedents, and
current cases of a similar nature. If you call these guys with a
question your should have a pencil or pen in hand and be ready to take
notes. I have heard them tell people to stop talking on the air at
once, that they will speak to them off the air about their situation.
They take no guff from callers.
In addition to this, during their show they will often discuss various aspects of culture and life in the south. Last night they were discussing various folk remedies for ailments and people would call in and talk about what they "know" works. (WD40 applied to the skin for arthritis pain, chewing tobacco for bee stings, and Preperation H for something that I missed in a big burst of static.) To top it off, they will often have a live Bluegrass band in the studio with them that will play their bumper music and join in the conversations. The lawyers have been known to join in and sing or play the mandolin (?!) on air too.

is an altogether enjoyable and informative 3 hours. Should you find
yourself withing their 32 state listening area on a Saturday night
between 7-10 (central)tune them in and enjoy.


Blogger Three Score and Ten or more said...

I've missed this one, but I confess that I do like Handle on the Law. (Where in the intro he promises to give bad advice.)
I'll look them up.

10:29 AM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

That's funny. Southerners think WD40 will fix everything. When I lived in Texas, I used so much WD40. Now, I've barely used my bottle. I think there's something to being there that makes you want to use WD40.

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But WD40 does fix everything. Why wouldn't we think that?

barely used my bottle

There's your problem. You're just not using enough!

2:28 PM  
Blogger opit said...

I have a nice large can - maybe 2 gallons - of WD 40 on the workbench shelf. I wasn't too pleased to hear that volatiles - it included - were linked to people developing arthritis. Oops !

10:44 PM  

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