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12 March 2007

Security checks?

I was up at the Georgia World congress Center this past weekend for a fencing tournament. The SEC Basketball Championship tournament was going on at the same time in the Georgia Dome which is part of the overall facility. A friend of mine was a volunteer working of the Fencing tournament
so he got a pass to park in an underground parking lot right on the
facility. Since I stayed at his house while I was there I got to ride
in and park there too. Due to the size ofthe events I guess there was some sort of "enhanced" security procedures going on. In other words when you went into the underground parking facility a couple of GBI
agents stopped the your car and "searched" it. Said search consisted of
glancing at the undercarriage with a mirror on a pole, and looking in
the truck, glove compartment, and center console. All well and good.
Also totally pointless because I had a fencing equipment bag in the
back seat of the car. This bag is 46" long by 10" wide by 12" deep with
an additional strap on bag on top that is 46x10x about5. Someone could
easily fit enough weapons and ammo or enough explosives into a bag like
this to take out half the building. The security people did not look at
the fencing bag. Nor in fact did they look at the back pack my friend was carrying or the cooler that was also in the car.

Now I know that if we had acted very nervous or suspicious in some other manner we probably would have
been checked a bit closer. But a well trained terrorist won't be
nervous. Nor in fact would a mule who had just been asked to "Carry
this bag inside for a friend" where said bag then blows up.

Symbolic security annoys me.


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