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24 January 2008

Back to Africa....

Abandoning my reviews of the American political system I now return you to coverage of those oh so friendly Ugandan rebels, The Lords Resistance Army.

They are desperately trying to clean up their image and get people in Uganda to forgive them. Why? Because their leadership has suddenly realized that the international community is fairly serious about this "War Crime" stuff and they could end up in a small cell outside the Hague if they aren't careful.
So they are sending ambassadors out to the villages they formerly terrorized to have prayer meetings and ask the locals to forgive them in the spirit of African brotherhood. Good luck there.

Additionally they are purging their ranks. They have just confirmed rumors that Vincent Otti the second in command has died. what they don't tell you is how he died.
According to documents shown to the BBC, Mr. Otti was invited to Joseph Kony's house back in October. When he arrived he noticed that there were a lot of Kony's guards around. Being a veteran of the backstabbing nature of of the movements he promptly called Kony on the phone and was assured that all was well and to come on in. When he did he surrounded by senior commanders of the movement who told him he was "under arrest". He was bound and striped of his shirt. Otti than began to cry and ask what he had done. He was hauled outside and shot while begging for his life.
Considering the LRA's well earned reputation for murder, rape, mutilation, and "inhumane acts of inflicting serious bodily injury and suffering" it probably couldn't have happened to a better person. Well, that's not true. It could have been Kony up against the wall. And he deserves it more than Otti did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't die. You wouldn't believe where I'm living now... but at the moment I don't have regular internet access so I can't really blog about all of it yet. I will say that I stop by your site from time to time, and still pretty much always agree with what you have to say. Don't fall off the face of the blogsphere like I did :) I like your site too much
--Serena (abroad)

4:27 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Well it is good to see you are still kicking out there. Keep in touch.
And if you are, as it seems, abroad again, well I look forward to hearing about it.

12:31 PM  

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