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14 July 2008

Why I like McCain

Sorry I haven’t posted this earlier. I have been away fro awhile in an internet free zone. I was off dog sitting for my sister (and doing various chores around her house). She has no Net at her house and I am just not willing to go find some bar or coffee shop hang out in and surf the web. So I am way behind in everything that is going on.

But, UWL asked why I like McCain. I will try and answer that.

First allow me to state that I supported McCain for President back in 2000 also. I was exceptionally annoyed when he dropped out after losing South Carolina. I REALLY REALLY hate this system where in most elections, the Primaries are over after 3 or four states vote. In fact I loathe it. But that was a different post. I liked that fact that McCain did not kowtow to the religious right. I admired his declaration that Christian fundamentalism was essentially a form of religious extremism. I was disappointed that he toned that down this time although I totally understand why he did. I like the fact that he has a practical, rational, and functional view of the illegal immigration problem. I like the fact that McCain has not only a willingness, but a PROVEN ABILITY to cross party lines in order to get things done in government. This petty factionalism that oozes from both of the major parties, their lackeys and lickspittles disgusts me.

I like McCain’s willingness to believe that Golbal Warming is an issue to be addressed and also his clear eyed, non hysterical approach to the issue. I agree with his thought that nuclear energy is a very necessary component of a rational plan to reduce the use of carbon based fuels. I am also quite willing to drill for oil in the places that are currently being held out of production. (the west coast of Florida and the artic) Yes, I realize that this won’t solve the current problems but, since by all accounts the demand for oil is only going to keep increasing (even if we reduce our use India and China will still be increasing theirs) this will put us in a better position when these wells come online. I also approve of his resistance to increasing taxes on the very companies that are to a great extent doing the research in alternative fuels and energy sources; namely the oil companies. I like the fact that McCain is willing to speak truth to voters such as those in Michigan where he said they just needed to get used to the idea that their old jobs weren’t coming back. They aren’t. New jobs will come but the big heavy industrial jobs that drove Detroit for so long are not going to return. It is simple economics.

I like McCain’s stance on the War; that we need to FINISH it. Not just declare victory and run home.

That is a pretty simple summary of my views. There is a lot more that can be said and you can be sure that there are issues that the Senator and I disagree on too. If you care to question my views, agree, disagree, whatever, feel free. But do maintain a civil discourse.


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