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20 February 2011

I wonder

The other day I had a (wrong number) voice message left on my cell phone. It started off,"Hey, my nigger! Give me a shout!...."
Now I just wonder how long I could get away with shouting that before I was assaulted for using hate speech?

On a different topic, I really wonder about the lines of power and how they are shifting in the government of Bahrain. I mean look, protests start and there is a crack down. Then the crackdown stops and the king apologizes, and says there will be peaceful settlement of issues. Then there is a crackdown again, then there is a pull back again. I get the idea that there are some seriously divergent opinions on how to handle this situation. It is the kind of thing where governments could change suddenly and not in "democratic" way.

I seriously expect a LOT of chaos in the mid east for awhile. Popular rule while theoretically a "good thing" can lead to serious issues. Witness Hamas on the Gaza strip. There is a real potential for governments coming into power that will roll back peace treaties with Israel. Which of course could lead to a much greater chance for new wars in the area.
Which would be a real serious issue becasue Israel has been living off the reputation it's army earned in the 60s and 70s. I seriously doubt they have the same skill/mind set now. The latest two endeavors have shown they are far from the unstoppable force legend makes them. Added to that is the fact that Egypt at least is now armed with top of the line US equipment and trained to use it. A war between Egypt and Israel now would be.... Interesting. In the sense of that old Chinese curse.


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