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25 February 2011

A surprise????

I am surprised at how many analysts, and news casters and such are shocked that Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya is using force to resist an attempt to remove him from power. Have these people not looked at his history? Gaddafi has ALWAYS been an agent to chaos and destruction. Even as he was was pushing "Pan Africanism" he was funding revolutions in many African countries. He has sent hit squads out to kill dissidents around the world. He has seemingly never found a terrorist group that he wouldn't fund, with the exception of Al-Queda which hates him and he them.

The only surprising thing to me about his use of force against the insurgents in his country is his relative ineffectiveness.

But if you want to see REAL repression, wait and see what happens when/if this revolutionary movement hits Syria.


Blogger opit said...

I wouldn't mind at all featuring a write up on Syria if you put one together.
Doug's Darkworld has info and appraisal that I think you would find interesting. He was surprised that the US is supporting al Qaeda. I just snorted. Here's why. http://opitslinkfest.blogspot.com/2010/08/26-august-oama-who.html

10:42 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Ah a request for a write up on Syria. Now I need to decide if I want to just do a quick opinion piece or do real research and go into detail.
Something will be coming soon.

9:08 AM  
Blogger opit said...

Any yes is appreciated. Op Eds usually work best with at least some cross referencing - but you haven't exactly been 'tongue tied' in the past.
I usually find I have more surprises coming out of research than enough to make the exercise attractive.
Have you tried these ?

5:57 PM  

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