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07 January 2006

a movie to watch

Ok, I don't often do movie reviews. But I found a good one on DVD last night. I will give you advance warning. It is French. In French. ( I don't know if there was an English language track or not, I just went with the subtitles.
It is called Empire of the Wolves, it has Jean Reno as a VERY VERY bad cop (the guys on The Shield don't hold a candle, Jocelyn Quivrin plays a good cop, Arly Jover plays an amnesiac with a secret. Despite all of the requisite French art film bit it is an EXCELLENT movie. NO, I am not going to review the plot for you, it is better to go see if for yourself. It has more twists than a mountain goat trail.

On a totally different topic, here is the entry of a soldier in Iraq that EVERYONE MUST read. Pro war, anti war, it doens't matter. It shows a bit of the mental moment that that soldiers have in war. READ.
Welcome to the warII


Blogger Stephalupogus said...

so is it still at home? and when can I watch?

1:26 PM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Anything with Jean Reno is going to be good. One bit of credit I will give the French is they're 2nd in the world in producing good movies. they put a good one out about once a year. We put out four.

9:03 PM  

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