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06 March 2006

Corporate cannibalism and incest

Well, I am sure somewhere there has been a more blatant example of corporate cannibalism and incest but it would be hard to fine. In 1984 the US government broke up Ma Bell, AT&T that is, into several "Baby Bells" which in short order began to eat one another through corporate takeovers. Then last year, one of the Baby Bells, SBC, ate Mama by buying At&T. Now to continue the cycle At&T as a subsidiary of SBC is trying to buy Bell South, one of the last of the Baby Bells.
She's backkkkk....... Ma Bell is back. (pending of course governmental approval of the merger.)
Strange, strange, strange.

On a different note, I got an email from a friend today that said
You a’re the #6 result on Google for a search for "“exmi". #2 on Yahoo. And #1 on MSN.
Too bad that doesn't get me more hits. But I thought it was humorous.


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