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29 March 2006

A martyr for the cause???

Zacarias Moussaoui gave the prosecution in his death penalty case everything they could hope for in his testimony a couple of days ago. He confessed to knowing about the Sept 11 attacks in advance, he confessed to lying about them to the FBI so they could go off as planned, he confessed to buying a radio in prison so he could listen to them when they happened. And to top it off he confessed to being the pilot for a planned 5th plane that he was to fly into the White House. He celebrated his efforts on the witness stand. He is almost certain to get the death penalty now.


Frankly I think he is lying through his teeth. A fifth plane? How can he say he was to pilot a fifth plane when he also claims only to have known about the two for the World Trade Center? And Richard Reid????? The "Shoe Bomber" was supposed to be his accomplish in this? Who else? Two aren't enough to pull it off. There were 19 hijackers for 4 planes on Sept 11. Other Al Queda operatives have said that Moussaoui was a light weight. He wasn't considered dependable enough to trust with such a serious mission. (which I grant you is exactly what I would say about a team mate that I wanted to save too)
It sounds to me as though Moussaoui is trying real hard to get himself built up to a major player so he can get what he wants, martyrdom. IF he dies in his cause he believes he will be rewarded in heaven. What kind of reward do you get if you live in a cage for the rest of your natural life? Probably not the virgins in paradise. Now I am normally a supporter of the death penalty. There are certain crimes that cry out for death, and frankly, I consider it much more humane that life in a cage, but in this case I am not interested in being humane. He wants mayrtyrdom, he wants to die for his cause. Well, let's not let him. Let's keep him alive for a long, LONG time. Let him die a sick, feeble, old failure of man.


Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Heh. Well said.

Yeah, I say torture him for the next thirty years. No, not physical torture, but give him a jail cell with one television that's high so he can't reach it. And on that tv for the next 30 or so years until he dies, put nothing on but The View and the Jar Jar Binks scenes from Star Wars I.

1:20 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

Ouch. Talk about Cruel and unusual punishment.....

10:46 AM  

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