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25 March 2006

No Fire....

I was told the other day that my posts recently haven't had much "fire" to them. No Passion. He said the exception was the one explaining my thoughts on the Mercy Killing scenarios. I kind of thought I had some going on the illegal immigrants thing or the Katrina voting drivel but I can see why he might not think so. Really, there isn't a whole lot going on right now that really lights me up. I mean the whole war thing is pretty much down to "Trench Warfare" now. Those who are convinced that "BUSH LIED!" and "WE need to GET OUT NOW!" aren't going to listen to anyone who disagrees with them. And those who Cry "Support the Troops!" and "Support Bush" aren't either. Everyone runs around listening to others to think the same way they do and getting all their information from Blogs that write what they want to hear.
Seriously, Am I the only person who goes out and finds people's blogs that are diametrically opposed to what I think? I am a regular contributor on several like that. I am not always sure they appreciate my presence. Actually I suppose some must because every once and a while one of them pops up here. But not often.
Maybe I should just stick to telling Afghan stories and putting up my latest cooking endeavor. Food usually gets a pretty good response.

At any rate, on a less angsty topic, Go out and read Sergei Golubitsky's book, Fencing is my Life. Even if you aren't a fencer it is quite interesting see the kind of training that a top. (VERY TOP) international athlete goes through. It also gives an interesting view of the collapse of the Soviet Union from one of the Athletes inside it's massive sports program.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The traditional media and all too many blogs already have the "controversy for controvery's sake" business model covered. "Fire" may be the really effective way to draw eyeballs and thus sell ads, or win votes (assuming there's a difference there). But perhaps what we really need is more thoughtful and nuanced points of view. Demagoguery is plentiful and thus cheap.

3:34 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Oh how very true. I think by fire though, he ment I didn't seem to have any passion or feeling for waht I was saying. I do TRY to give thoughtful points ov view. How nuanced it is is prehaps up for interpretation.

1:10 PM  
Blogger The Zombieslayer said...

Seriously, Am I the only person who goes out and finds people's blogs that are diametrically opposed to what I think?

I'd like to believe I am. Although I have yet to post a single post on the Iraq War, because it's like the whole abortion argument to me. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone gets so pissed off at the other guy that it ends up a shouting match and nobody gets anything accomplished other than hurt feelings.

12:04 AM  
Blogger TheMalau said...

I must admit that I am sometimes one of those thar gets pissed when people utter things that seem perfectly ludicrous to me. But I am also one that goes to blogs with diverging points of view, often at their chagrin :). As inconvenient as it can be, open disagreements - when there are diverging views - is the only way we better our own understanding of this world.

7:52 AM  
Blogger exMI said...

ZS, nice to see you back. I can understand why you avoid the war but due to my having been in it I just can't sit back and let the more ludicrous claims flaot about unchallenged.

Themalu - I rather suspect I am one of those blogs with a "diverging point of view" but I'm glad to have you here.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous opit said...

You're not going to find fresh viewpoint in an "echo chamber". What I do like on mainline blogs is to cruise comments, see who seems insightful, and pay a visit to the home site.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:57 AM  

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