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10 March 2006

Illegal Immigration

People keep making a big fuss about our porous borders and how many illegals are swarming into our country. Usually when they do this they start talking about walls, fences, militarization of the border, and penalties for illegals in the country. Sounds a lot like the "War on Drugs". And it will be about as successful. (i.e. Not at all)
If you want to stop the importation of a product, in this case illegal aliens, you do not try to cut off the supply because that will not work. As long as there is a demand the supply will keep coming. You have to cut off the demand. How do you do this? Well by implementing strict and harsh penalties on people who knowingly hire illegal workers. a 5 or 6 thousand dollar a head fine would be a good start. If companies were facing that kind of penalty they would make damn sure the people they hired were legal. IF no one hires the illegals they will stop coming. They will go somewhere they can get a job and earn money.
Of course this won't happen because some will scream that it is discriminating against Hispanics. NO, the law wouldn't do that. Certain companies might do that in the "better safe than sorry" approach to hiring but that could be settled pretty quickly in the regular courts system with lawsuits against discrimination.
The bigger problem of course is that no one really wants to stop the flow of cheap labor. They would rather rant and scream, and have a political ax to grind than do something. They realize that if the cheap labor went away prices would jump all across the country for everything from groceries to houses. (especially groceries)
The politicians would rather throw money away at walls and "border security" than solve the problem in the only way it can be solved. Because that way there is a big thing they can show their constituents, and no one at home is getting hurt by having to pay fines or higher prices. (higher taxes eventually but that is in the future, and who cares about that?) Expect a lot of thud and blunder but nothing that will actually accomplish much.

On a different note, I will be away next week working on the house my sister bought. I will have no internet access while doing this so I will be out of touch. Have fun all.


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