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18 November 2006


I have been reading various political blogs again. Or still.  The left leaning blogs seem to be repudiating all of the bi-partisan talk that the Democrats in Congress are spouting.  They are almost uniformly screaming for a bloodletting.  One writer keeps repeating the phrase “We have subpoena power!” in various forms and declares that she doesn’t want the Democrats to play nice.  The others I read are of much the same line of rhetoric.  In all honesty, I think that the Democrats engaging in a two year vengeance quest would probably be the best thing that could happen to the Republican Party.  Because then when elections roll around in 08 the Republicans could say “Look, the Democrats have been in power for two years and look what they have done for the country, nothing but try and destroy the government.”  And after two years of rhetoric and screaming on the news, that is a call that will resonate with voters, and it will help the Republicans get back into power.
Now the Republican talking heads and blogs are doing their best to make life easier for the Democrats in 08 too.  There is this term I heard on talk radio recently and have begun seeing in blogs now, RINO, Republican In Name Only.  Basically anyone who doesn’t toe the Rush Limbaugh line is declared to be a Democrat in disguise.  When terms like this are thrown at guys like John McCain who have been Republican mainstays for DECADES it does not help the party.  Frankly, if you looked at what Ronald Reagan did during his term in office and what he often said I think he would be considered a RINO today too.  And when the Party ahs turned so much that the father of the modern Republican Party wouldn’t be accepted something is seriously wrong in the state of Denmark.

If the Democrats want to stay in power what should they do?  Work with what is left of the moderate Republicans.  Get some real legislation accomplishments done so that when the elections roll around they will have something POSITIVE to point too.  It would also help if they didn’t nominate Hillary Clinton for President because that would bring the boiling right wing base swarming out to the polls like nothing else.

On a slightly different note, in the left blogs a few weeks ago we were reading that the government needed to listen to Gen Anthony Zinni and the other retired Generals who were calling for Rumsfeld’s  resignation because they are the military leaders and they know what they are talking about.  I somehow don’t expect to hear these bloggers saying we need to listen to these same Generals now that they are ALL, uniformly, saying that to pull out of Iraq in the manner that Carl Levin and John Murtha propose would be a total disaster.  I guess Generals are only useful when they agree with you.  But what else is new.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came out in March of 2005 with a For the love of god, Hillary DON"T RUN post. (It was my second post ever)

By the way - was that me you referenced? I searched "subpoena power" on my site to check and I got two hits...Not conclusive evidence, to be sure...Anyway, if it was, no, I don't want to play nice. If we do, we'll get slammed with it in 2008, and screw that. We have a nation to rescue and a constitution to resuscitate.
I have never stopped to consider anyones feelings when working a trauma before, even if it meant pushing a resident out of the way forcefully (residents are the only ones who get in the way - the rest of us know our part in the ballet). I'm not going to start with the niceties now when the most important patient I've ever attended, my very nation, is on the table.

If it wasn't me, then add me to that list.

9:19 PM  
Blogger opit said...

The government of the last six years is neither conservative nor libertarian. You don't throw away all constraints on the President without risking a rather rapid devolution to banana republic. When those you think of as "lefties" say that unhealthy change has been going on in the country, you may want to re-think your terms of reference.

8:51 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Opit - The current government is "social conservative" certainly not fiscal conservative nor rights conservative. I still find most of those I refer to to be generally onm the left of political spectrum. Not all but most.

BG - yeah, you were the one I was thinking of when I wrote it although there are others. I do seriously think though that if the Dems take a "REVENGE!" approach to the next two years it will backfire on them and provide alot of ammo and support fo the the Reps. in 08.
We shall see.

12:42 PM  

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