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Someone should care, maybe not you....

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05 January 2009

New year, same stuff....

Well, Happy New Year. On the one hand, lots of stuff is going on. But on the other hand nothing new is going on. Same old stuff on the world market. I have been give further consideration to who has the biggest brass ball out there and that is really hard to choose. Some candidates are obvious. Rob Blogojavich (?). this guy is telling the whole political structure of the US to stick it and he actually has the legal authority to do it so far. His appointment to the Senate was certainly guaranteed to stir the waters. The fact that he appointed someone who wasn’t linked at all to his troubles, is relatively qualified and happens to be black is going to make it hard for the Senate. I rather suspect he his appointee will end up getting seated. As long as he is Governor he has the right and the obligation to appoint someone and as he likes to point out, he is still the governor. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. The guy is old school political scum but he has big brass ones.

One an international scale Hamas and Israel are both clanking hard right now too. I actually heard a spokesman for the Hamas government declare that Hamas hasn’t launched any rockets at Israel, no militant group the know of has launched rockets, so if rockets are being launched they are being launched by Israeli collaborators to give Israel an excuse to bomb them. I know bald faced lying to the international press is common but that was a bit over the top. Of course it was equaled when the Israeli spokesperson declared that there was no “Humanitarian Crisis” in Gaza. After al the Israeli government had sent more that 70 trucks full of supplies in that day. (200,000+ people, 71 trucks….. don’t think that adds up) there is of course a large part of me that feels that these people deserve each other and we should just get popcorn, sit back and watch the fireworks. But what about the “innocent civilians”? Well the Gazans knew what they were getting when they elected Hamas. And the Israeli citizens have been opposing any rational solutions to the issue ever since the issue arose. You reap what you sow. When you get two groups clanking in the same small area expect conflict.

Our president elect should get a mention for having quite the pair too. After all he ran his entire campaign on the “Change!” promise. In the new and out with old. Sweep away the old order and bring new ideas to government. And now he has filled his cabinet with political retreads and Washington insiders. In a way this reassures me. Political idealists who actually buy into their rhetoric of change and sweeping away old orders are scary folks. Cynical realists hiding behind idealism are bad, but not as bad. Can we fool the American voters? Yes We Can.

On a totally different topic, well actually I could make a good case for these loons having a big pair too, the Lord’s Resistance Army is up to its usual tricks again. This time they are in the Congo instead of Uganda but still the same old story. Their leader, Kony, failed to show for a signing of a ceasefire (probably because he figured he would be arrested on the many indictments for warcrimes he is under) so the governments of the Cong0, Rwanda, and Uganda launched a “coordinated military operation” to destroy them. Instead of getting destroyed the LRA has been on a tear massacring people and burning villages all over the place. One of the highlights was the Christmas eve massacre of an entire catholic congregation in their chapel with machetes before burning the church down over the bodies.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the few of you who used the Amazon link at the top of the page for your Christmas shopping. Every penny helps the cause. Also thanks for the various messages of condolences on the death of my dog. I appreciate it.