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Someone should care, maybe not you....

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23 May 2008

a lesson learned

This is why one should never say things like "Coming up: More WEIRD SCIENCE!" Because then when you don't write the weird science post you keep procrastinating the writing of anything becasue you owe folks a promised post. And I will get the weird science post done. I promise.
but today I have to celebrate the fact that the 3rd Circuit Court that told those idiots in Texas that they are idiots. That the seizure of those children was unjustified. That they will (hopefully)be going home soon.

This almost renews my faith in human rationality.

As a hint towards the science post.... The Army has taken a step towardsMecha. I love it.

Look here

I want my battle armor!

02 May 2008

Well, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by how many people out int he wide world feel like I do about that mess in Texas. Heck, event the Lawyers on Legally Speaking jumped all over this. One of the actually used the word "Nazi" in describing the Texas actions. Not that any of this makes any difference at all. Texas has dug themselves a hole and they are determined not to back out of it. I think a lot of children are going to be hurt, families disrupted, and lives damaged (if not destroyed) and in the end all or most of the children will go back to their families and Texas will end up looking like a state of idiots. Sort of like Arizona did after the 1953 raid which blew up just like this one did. (Which is one of the reason why when authorities in Arizona received a similar call they responded in a much more rational way.)

Oh well.

Coming up: More WEIRD SCIENCE!