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Someone should care, maybe not you....

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40+ year old former teacher, linguist, interrogator, soldier, and lastly convict. We all do stupid things every once and awhile. I am an economic conservative and a firm believer in civil rights. Starting a new life now and frankly not sure what I am going to be doing.

19 December 2008

I got off work yesterday at 6pm, walked outside and saw this sunset.

It was so pretty I dug out my camera and took a picture of it. Little did I know but during that same sunset my dog was lying down and dying. I arrived at my parents’ house where she has been staying during the day to check on her before going to teach some fencing lessons. I found her lying near the back gate. My father told me that barely 15 minutes before, while I was photographing a sunset, he had gone out and had spoon fed her some of her food, (hamburger, raw eggs and condensed milk) then come back in. She had apparently gotten up, and started to walk back up the house and not made it.

I got this dog just over 10 years ago. I was living in an old farmhouse owned by an acquaintance and had decided that since I was living in the country I could finally get myself a dog. I looked at a lot of Puppies for sale and free ads before checking out one where someone was selling lab pit bull mixes for $20. I went down and noticed a small black dog with a few very small white patches, picked her up and took her home. The dog sat on the floor of my car and didn’t move. I was trying to pet her and comfort her to the point that I got pulled over for weaving. When I pointed out the cause for my weaving the officer let me go. I took the dog to my parents’ house where she refused to enter the doorway and when I carried her through it she went absolutely still. I left her there and went tot eh store to buy some dog food and such and when I got back she hadn’t moved and inch. My parents thought I had a brain damaged dog. I took her out to the farmhouse where her career of sleeping in my bed began. I have found that is much easier than trying to sleep while a lonely puppy cries. Her door phobia and some other quirks led to her name, DD. (dumb dog) (A true misnomer, she wasn’t dumb at all) She would go to work with me and I would chain her to a cinder block behind the building. This was good because she was strong enough to move around dragging her block, but too small to drag it very far. This is probably one of the reasons she became such a strong dog. The trustee from the county prison who worked the grounds at my job became her friend and would often slip her snacks (usually baloney sandwiches from his lunch) I left the farmhouse and moved into a small, old, mobile home that I got from a fencing student. I built a dog pen in the yard because DD was getting big enough to move the cinder block wherever she wanted to so it was time to stop taking her to work. (Much to the trustee’s distress) Her “Dumb Dog” name earned some validity the first time there was a rainstorm. I was getting ready to leave and looked out and she was sitting in the middle of the pen, in front of the dog house, in the pouring rain. A more miserable picture would be hard to imagine. I went out, got in the pen and pushed, actually forced her into the dog house. To dumb to get out of the rain. But after that the dog house got good use. She was at her happiest when there was some sort of physical contact between her and me, or barring me, some other human. If you wouldn’t drop your arm to where she could lean on it she was not above hooking her nose under your arm and flipping it loose from whatever it was doing. She was strong enough to do it too. I got a cat at this time too. I was walking the dog when a scrawny little black fur ball ran up to the dog, rubbed on her leg and then sat down between her front legs. DD stared bemused for a moment, sniffed the cat, and walked on, the cat got up and trotted along under the dog till we got to the house. When we went in, the dog stopped and looked at the kitten and it ran in to. So DD adopted a cat which at first I called DC (Damn Cat) but later became Max, or Maximus when being formal. (Max, incidentally, is alive, healthy, and huge.) D had some strange habits, she would lick your toes when you first took your shoes off, which is mildly disgusting but actually felt quite relaxing. A little foot massage. She also had a tendency to lick my head whenever I was sitting low enough for her to reach it from behind me. My sister, my parents, and a very good friend all had opportunities to live with DD for various amounts of time as the military would periodically send me away. Summer drills, 7 months at the language school, a couple of months active duty for “force protection/Homeland Security” back in early 2002 and of course the wonderful deployment to Kuwait/Iraq/Afghanistan and the subsequent 7 months at Ft Lewis to end my military career. They all have their stories to tell of her.

I recall once relatively early in DD’s life I was going to visit a married friend in North Carolina. He told his wife I was bringing a girl with me. She perked right up, “Oh Really?” she asked. “Her name is DD and she is much younger than he is.” he said. “Oh Realllly?” she said. “She’s black.” He said. “OH REALLLLYYYY??” she said. “She has four feet.” He said. She hit him. Then she hit me when I arrived.

DD loved teddy bears and other stuffed animals. She would carry them around and sleep with them for weeks. Then one day she would quietly and without fuss, pluck their seams, and disembowel them leaving white fluffy stuff all over the floor. When she was done, she wouldn’t pick up the discarded skin again.

She broke my mothers arm once by accident. She would chase cats as long as they ran, but if they stopped she would stop too, and look at them waiting to see if they were going to start playing again. Although I wasn’t there to witness this; she apparently once trapped my sister, her husband and her three kids in my parents’ living room when they arrived for a visit late at night and held them prisoner for about half an hour before my dad woke up and rescued them.

She got old, pit bulls are very short lived, gained weight, got lazy, and enjoyed life. Then she suddenly began to lose weight. And lose more weight, and there is where the story began in my last dog post. It turns out the abscesses in her spleen were caused by cancer, a blood cancer. Basically Leukemia. The vets told me I could give her a chemotherapy drug that might keep her alive and relatively healthy for three or four more years (or might have no effect at all) but she would need it everyday for as long as she lived. That was well outside my financial means (and I wasn’t going to try and borrow $200 a month from anyone every month for the next 3 years either.) so after talking to the vet I kept her on a steroid that suppressed her immune system enough o keep her white blood cells from trying to eat her red blood cells and she lived a few weeks. She was weak, and tired but she was loved. She got to eat all the things they say dogs shouldn’t eat but love. Ice cream, cookies, cheese, more ice cream, gravy, more ice cream. I asked the vet about dietary restrictions and was told, If she will eat it, feed it to her. For the last week of her life Ice cream became a major part of her diet. She preferred vanilla.

At about 6:45 my father and I dug a grave at the base of the Gardenia bush in front of my house and buried her. There is a large dog shaped hole in my life. The other dog that lives at my house will gradually move in to fill a lot of it. But not all of it.

Rest in Peace Old Dog.

09 December 2008

A few thoughts

First. The Governor of Illinois has the biggest cojones and the smallest brain since Gary Hart said " Go Ahead, follow me around. I have nothing to hide.!"
I may have to wander off to BlueGirl's current platform just to see if she is adding him to her Culture of Corruption rant. I really thought the days of blatantly selling Senate seats had gone out quite awhile ago.

on another point, I head some yutz today on NPR going off on how higher gas taxes would be such a good thing. Typically these people live in places like San Fransisco and make 6 digit incomes. So with CalTrans, the SF transit system and the the money they make, high gas taxes to force peopel into greener cars are a good thing. IF on the other hand, you live in a rural location, have a take home salary of about $200 a week, a mortgage payment of $300 a month, all the other usual bills (food, electricity, insurance, medical/vet bills, etc) and a 20 mile drive to work, higher gas taxes can't force you to drive a greener car becasue you still can't afford the damn thing but they will sure a hell eliminate what little you have for medical, dental, an occasional book to read, or healthier food.

I really dislike Green idealists. Speaking of which, anyone else noticed that the environmentalists are desperately fighting a huge solar energy development in the Imperial valley area of California becasue it will "adversely impact the fragile desert ecosystem." Can't these idiots make up their minds?

02 December 2008

Run off day....

Well first things first. The dog is up and about. Still looks like a fur covered skeleton, but she is improving. She eats more, not enough yet but more. I will be happy when she eats an entire bowl of food. Now I am waiting for the biopsies to come back so we can see if that abscess was caused by some form of cancer. Fingers are crossed. Thanks for the vibes Jenn and the concern from all others including anon who offered to loan me the money for the bills. I may take you up on that yet.
And a special thanks to Threescore and Ten who actually has put up the money so far for this issue. I'll be paying him back too.

Now on to today's news. Today is the Run off in the Georgia Senate race. Saxby Chambliss vs Jim Martin. Too more similar candidates would be hard to find despite the vitriol they throw at one another. The Dem, Martin, actually endorsed and voted for Bush in his last run.

Both candidates are attacking one another with verve and a near total disregard for reality. I am particularly amused my the continuing assault by Martin on Cahmbliss's vote for the Wall Street bailout. This shows Chamblisses complete disregard for the middle class. It of course ignore that fact that the President elect, the vice president elect and the Sec of State Designate also voted for the bailout.
The Republicans on the other hand are constantly harping on the fact that if Martin wins the Dems could get a "Super Majority" in the Senate which they would use to give citizenship to every illegal alien in the country, give everyone free abortions, institute nationwide gay marriage, seize the children of very heterosexual couple in the US and send them to raised in camps run by gay sodomite where they would be taught there is no bad touching... Well that last is an exaggeration. But not much of one.

My general thought is "A pox on both of their houses." Although I grant you, a Democratic super majority is not something I would particularly like. But then again. Jim Martin wouldn't vote for ANY of those things. He is really every bit as conservative as Saxby Chambliss.