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10 March 2012


The Arab League is really enjoying the lucky break the UN Security council gave them when China and Russia vetoed the Syria proposal. Now they can rant and rave about how nothing is going to be done to help the poor downtrodden masses of Syria and not actually have to step up to the plate and do something. After all, it isn't their responsibility to do anything it is the responsibility of the International Community. If gives then (and us) the ability to CLAIM the "moral high ground" but not actually have to step up onto that high ground and do anything.

I say again, the nations that are in the best position and have the most responsibility are those nations that surround Syria. As is usual though in the these things, no one will do anything until the US does something. And the US won't do a damn thing until elections are over and done with. (if ever)

I wonder how long people will continue to believe the International Community's declarations of "Never Again!"


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