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16 March 2011

At times, I dream of crocodiles

At times, I dream of crocodiles. Not often. It may in fact be years between the dreams. But the other night I had a good one.

I was wandering through some sort of African wilderness area. I know this because I saw hyenas, cheetahs, and similar creatures. I was carrying a camera and was alone. There was a river off to my left but I wasn’t really in view of it. I was walking upstream. At one point I saw a hyena carrying a young cheetah by the throat. There was an older cheetah watching. The hyena dropped the cheetah while maneuvering down a steep embankment. The older cheetah came over to the body and slapped it with its paw as thought to say “Get up! Now is your chance to escape.” It did this a couple of times until the hyena came back. Then it walked away and they hyena picked the body up and drug it into the trees.

I went around a bend and came to an area of white sand that was covered with thousands of burned crocodiles. I mean the ground was latterly covered with heaps of carbonized crocodiles. They looked like piles of burnt logs until you noticed the lines of the body, a head, a leg, or the gaping jaws. I wasn’t sure what had happened here but I wandered in amongst the heaps taking pictures. At one point I went down a gully towards the river and came upon a mass of huge dead crocodiles. Beasts that were forty plus feet long with jaws as long as my body,. Amongst them was the carbonized body of woman. Perfectly formed, just lying among the burned crocodiles. I took a picture and made a note that I would have to tell the police about it. Then, up on the side of a huge sand bank I saw something moving. I stared at what seemed to be a rippling glass sheet in the sand until I realized what I was seeing was the side of a crocodile that was bigger than anything I had ever seen before and. Despite being burned was alive and moving through the sand. It was like watching a whale curve up out of the water then back in, just a giant piece of flesh of which I could only se a small portion. Then it submerged in the sand and vanished. As I stood there looking I was near another huge, though not as huge as the moving one, crocodile body. The body was up on the edge of the gully that I was in the bottom of. It was burned and I could see past its charred ribs into the body cavity. The head was above me and as I looked up at it I saw its eye move, and realized it was looking back at me. Then it moved. The head turned and the beast began to drag itself out of the pile and to move along the bank. I stared; petrified at the thought of this thing being alive, then I began to back up the gully. The giant beast above me turned its head, and followed my movement, then began to crawl after me. As I went past the heads of burned bodies again I began to see more eyes flickering to life, and tracking my movement. The log heaps of bodies began to twitch and writhe as the beasts came to life. As I went around a bend to get back to where I had entered the gully I saw there was another, smaller crocodile coming down it, following my trail, and others following it. I tried to climb out of the gully but the sand walls collapsed and dumped me back to the bottom. The beasts whose eyes I had seen coming to live as I passed them were dragging themselves up behind me, I grabbed a dried, burned, chunk of something that was probably the side of a croc and propped it up against the edge of the gully opposite the side where the giant beast was watching me. I scrambled up this, wishing I had a gun instead of a camera. Just as I reached the top, another crocodile head hove into view, right where I was climbing. So there I was, sitting in a gully, with two giant zombie crocodiles sitting on either side at the top following my every move and hoards of smaller ones dragging themselves up and down the gully towards the place I stood. I realized that a gun wouldn’t have really helped much and just sat and watched them come closer.

Then I woke up. Don’t ask me for meanings, I don’t interpret them, I just dream them.


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