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10 March 2011

Push has come to shove

Push has come to shove in Libya. The government of the country has finally started to use its military in an organized and relatively effective way to repress the rebellion in the east. The rebels have come to the rude realization that it is going to take a lot more than flag waving on barricades to win. It turns out that there is a big difference between an “oppressive regime” such as Egypt and a despotic one such as Libya’s. Those military leaders and politicians who defected from the Libyan government had better get organized pretty quickly or their heads will be on the block. And they know that well. Now of course there is an outcry for the US to establish a no fly zone in Libya. Why us? I mean seriously folks; there are a lot of other supposedly capable folks around who could do something. Italy for example. They are right there on the boarder. Of course the Italian government is not all that excited about rebellion in Libya. They are predicting a mass exodus of people from Libya to the south of Italy if the Libyan government falls and they don’t want that. They would just as soon keep the current government there. The Egyptians are an even better answer. Then there wouldn’t be all that Christian vs Muslim back story, no “Western Imperialism”. Let the Arab world clean up its own messes for a change. The Egyptian Air Force is quite competent and is equipped with top of the line US stuff. Hell, Tunisia could join the fun too. Let the other branches of this Liberation movement help out.

Of course they won’t. Neither will the French, or the Spanish, or any one else. They will all sit around and moan that something should be done and wait for us to do it.


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