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19 October 2005

Pear cobbler (kinda)

I haven't done any cooking posts for awhile and I was missing them. (they seem to be more popular than my other stuff)
So here we go, The other day I went out to the house I own and I picked some big pears off the tree by the pond.

Now it may not be clear in this photo but a couple of these are double fist sized pears. They are all sweet and juicy. I was wondering what to do with them and decided on an improvised cobbler. (maybe a crumble would be a better term)
I cut a few of the pears up into fairly small pieces and popped them into the microwave to precook them. (this softens them up a bit, and it won't take nearly as long to cook the final product.) Then I ground some cinnamon onto the pears and liberally sprinkled brown sugar over them and stirred it together. Then I put some more brown sugar and some more cinnamon on it. I took a package of spice cookies (Sweetzels Spiced Wafers to be exact, put them in a zip lock bag and beat them to crumbs and pieces with a rolling pin. I then poured the cookie crumbs over the pears . As an afterthought I melted half a stick of butter and poured it over the crumbs and spinkled a little bit more brown sugar on top of that it in the oven on 350 for about 40 minutes and bingo.

With Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream this is a wonderful if not at all dietary treat.

There are a few things I will do differently when next I do this.
1. Mix the brown sugar with the melted butter and stir it into the crumbs before putting it on the pears. It will give a bit better consistency to the crust and spread the flavor around.
2. Mix the brown sugar and the pears and the cinnamon together a bit better. Maybe put it all in a bowl or a bag and thoroughly mix it before putting them in the pan.
3. Not bake quite so long. It got a little dark on top.

Any suggestions from other cooks?

(It is VERY good)


Blogger Jen said...

This looks really good..My mom used to make a pear pie. And my grandmother makes this pear relish that is soooo good.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The butter and sugar go together with the fruit on the bottom.

A true Southern cobbler would use biscuit dough for the topping, probably sprinkled with sugar, maybe with a little sugar added to the dough itself.

1:51 PM  
Blogger exMI said...

Very true about the biscuit dough. I made another batch of this today and implemented the chages talked about. In addition I put foil over the dish while cooking to keep the cookie crumbs from drying out and becoming hard. The crust was excellent, soft and sweet from the butter pear juice. I didn't have quite as much cinnimon in this one and didn't cook it as long. so the flavor was not quite as strong and the pears were still a little bit hard. (just a tad crisp actually) which isn't a bad thing per se but wasn't what I was looking for. Guess I'll go pick some more pears and try again this weekend or Monday.

4:45 PM  
Blogger kathi said...

I love a guy who cooks. Honestly, this is one of the sexiest things you can post, for me, anyway.
But, I really do want to try this now. Can you send me some of those double fisted pears?

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Phred said...

I have a new recipe for pear pecan bread for you. It was a big hit at work (but these guys will eat almost anything)

9:39 AM  

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