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01 February 2012

No really? I'm shocked!

A new classified report leaked to the BBS (sigh, that really shouldn't happen) reports that the Taliban is receiving support form the ISI in Pakistan. And this is big news why? Despite the Pakistani objections that has been clear since day one. I knew it back when I was interrogating people in Afghanistan. Every Afghan sheepherder, thief, and insurgent knew it. Hell the commanders of the US forces knew it. but can anyone do anything about it? No......

And people wonder why Iran wants nukes too.


Blogger opit said...

"And people wonder why Iran wants nukes too."

That's an often cited factoid. Problem is, I see negative support for the proposition.

When I was a boy, the Cuban Missile Crisis had the world on edge. Where today the U.S. wants to site missiles where the Soviet Occupation of Europe was stopped amid assurances that this would not happen, back then nukes were in Turkey. The Soviet, of course, counter deployed the same in Cuba ( Yes, it had already started at the time of the Blockade. )
Forward almost 2 decades. Ex playground of United Sugar Cuba is under sanctions still. Former CIA installed dictator the Shah of Iran leaves the country and heads to hospital out of the country. Reagan arranges for the subsequent occupation of the U.S. embassy in Iran to drag on, embarrassing Carter and throwing the U.S. election. ( Subsequently we learned of the Iran Contra arms trading scheme. )
And suddenly the U.S. tosses its bought and paid for arrangements to supply several nuclear power generation systems to its star colony. Iran - like Cuba - turns to Russia for assistance.


Here's where things turn severely sideways. Think Tank Rand comes out with a foreign policy to demonize pacifists and disarmament proponents by systematically turning a convention to limit proliferation against its signatories - which include Libya,Iran,Iraq and North Korea.

Check out my comment after "One Month to Act" http://opitslinkfest.blogspot.com/2011/04/4-april-morning-op-eds.html

CASMII has many accounts of the constant lies about the danger of Iran. Never mentioned is Russia's determination to protect its client state from harassment and its interest in selling reactors.
The deal with India, for instance -outside the NPT - started as an offer of 1 reactor. Russia offered 4, and Indians were gung-ho. Arms sales were included in the confirmed deal for 2 reactors from the U.S.

Let's look at it. Iran is making up for being screwed around on power plant purchases while the U.S. puts sanctions on oilfield maintenance equipment. And Russia is supposedly incapable of making sure it does not create a threat in its back yard.
Iran is scary : it might make a nuke !
The Onion : Iran is afraid the U.S. will make its 8500th nuke !

I can't top that.

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